Friday, July 29, 2005

Posters to fit every mood....

i love this article. i tell ya, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy

almost as much as this site!

check out 'mediocrity' as well.
i like it a lot (you have to say it like forrest gump....)

The Lord is Omnipotent and Omnipresent

Thanks for giving me the heads up, Amber! You're a true friend!!!

Monday, July 25, 2005

Dirty Futurama Nerds!

Goodness Gracious! So there are some dirty Futurama Nerds out there! They like to create fan art that is a little....shall we say....racy?
Here are just a couple of the less offensive.....

and this one? HellO???? It doesn't even LOOK like Leela!!! The nose is ALL wrong!!!

Well, at least i haven't found CRAZY fan art, like i did when i tried to find a good Lord of the Rings pic for my screen saver! There are TONS of these pics out there, but trust me - MORE REVEALING. Yikes!

I'm not putting up any links for that stuff. if you want to find it, trust me, it's almost IMPOSSIBLE not to find when you type in a search.

Okay, maybe ONE site that made me laugh!

I mean, are they THAT bored?
and what do you think Elijah Wood and Sean Astin are thinking about it? i bet the NEVER thought they would be seeing renderings of themselves 'together' with big hairy feet no less!!! Ewwwwww!!!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hello my name is Simon.....

Did you ever see that show on Captain Kangaroo? No, it wasn't with Mike Myers in a giant bathtub with assorted guest stars, but actually a little cartoon?

This kid would get all huffy and escape to his imaginary chalk world. It was pretty cool, and this picture A-Ron made for me looks a little bit like that. It's of me and Josh, and as you can see, we look AWESOME.

I especially like how one of my star tattoos looks really cool!

Well, good work, my friend. plus that glassful of non alcoholic beverage and the "candy" ashtray look cool at that angle.
Two snaps in a "Z" formation!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Ode to Patrick Stewart

I came across this as i was trying to find something on Patrick Stewart on SNL when he ran that erotic bakery! But his opening monologue when he hosted Saturday Night Live was pretty funny:

I have no illusions why I'm here tonight.
It's because of "Star Trek: The Next Generation."
Well, thank you very much, but I have a confession to make. When I was first given the role of Captain Jean-Luc Picard, I pretended to take it all in my stride; I was so cool in interviews;
I claimed never to have seen the original classic Trek. But, it was all an act, because inside, I was so ecstatic... I was delirious... You see, not only am i probably the biggest Star Trek fan of all time, but well, as my friends can tell you, I am virtually an encyclopedia of Star Trek facts and trivia.

Well now, for example, listen: Here's a fact I bet you don't know. On the original show, the name of the space ship was not the "Star Trek"! No, no, it was in fact, the "Enterprise". Now that's true.

Now, all right, here's another one: Everyone knows that the part of Captain James M. Kirk was played by William Shiner. Then of course later he was to become very famous as the Six Million Dollar Man. But how many of you here know which actor played the chief medical officer, Dr. McCray, who was of course otherwise known as Boney? You give up, don't you? Well that was Forest D. Kelley.

Well perhaps you knew that one, but can you name to me the ship's other medical officer... you see, because of course, there were two. You see, you're stumped. You are forgetting Dr. Spock. Now you remember, right? He was the pointy eared creature, you know? Half human, half volcano, and he was forever tormenting old Boney with his cold volcano logic, and uh...

All right.. here's another bit of trivia. Did you know that another Star Trek character, Captain Sulu, was the first black woman ever on television? Anyway, being the Star Trek trivia maniac that I am, well you can imagine my feelings when I first learned that I won the role of Captain Picard. I felt a kinship, you know, with all those unforgettable legendary chartacters... Kirk, Boney, and especially Spock, and I even know... well I wrote a note to Leonard Fortnoy, but I guess he never received it. Anyway, Leonard, if you're watching, this is for you.

Outer space: the last frontier. These are the trips of the Star Trek Enterprise. Its five year plan calls for us to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly fly where no man has gone in space.

Live long (boy scout sign), and be happy.

If you want to visit the site:
He LOVES Patrick Stewart!

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thems some sort a SMART zombies.....My first MOVIE REVIEW

So i just saw Land of the Dead -

Key Points:
It was pretty typical zombie stuff. I of course, LOVE it when they show zombies attacking someone, and digging into their stomachs and eating the intestines....and then ripping the body in half (as if the intesting eating isn't enough)! I cringed when i saw some zombie trying to climb up the wall of the truck/tank thing and the fingernails broke off at the cuticle....that always gets me grossed out! (-yeah, i don't mind eating intestines, just no fingernail bits...). there was also a good part where this one zombie stuck his arm down this dead guy's throat to pull out the tounge...GROSS!!!!

What I Liked:
i did find it an interresting twist that THIS time, the zombies were organized. They learned how to communicate, use tools (to break into things), guns, and crossed a river!!! (on foot of course - there was a cool scene of them walking out of the river into the city). There is of course a cheesy line at the end of this relating to this development, but i won't ruin it for you!

Closing Thoughts:
Why was both Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo in this film? Two BRILLIANT actors in a movie where the plot was not the most *critical* piece! But alas, if i were a big hollywood star, and i had a chance to be in a George Romero zombie film, i guess i would jump at the chance, and pay some bills while i was at it!!!

(out of 5 *****)
i give it a 3 ***** - because i love zombie films.

I think it ended too soon, which is why it didn't get a 4.

Speaking of Zombies, if you haven't checked out Shaun of the Dead, you are missing OUT!!!!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Guess who saw Bruce Campbell?


i am impatiently awaiting my photos to get developed, and hopefully they will turn out okay. i took them with an instant camera. So i went to his booksigning last night!!!

It was awesome! He was wearing a hawaiian shirt, and glasses! Oh! what a hottie! i got an autographed book of his new hit "Make Love, The Bruce Campbell Way". i was so pissed i forgot my copy of my PS2 game, "A Fistful of Boomstick" for him to sign. i also didn't get to see his preview for "The Man with the Screaming Brain". i couldn't stay out late on a school night.

Please check out my link "I heart Bruce" for more info on when Bruce will be in a town near you. He will be in KC on August 26th and St. Louis on the 25th for anyone who's interrested.

check out his other book, which kurt so sweetly had signed for me when it came out. he's a hilarious writer!

So please be patient while i get my photo developed and put onto a CD so i can upload them onto my blog! i'm so excited!

Friday, July 08, 2005

ED is here!

So my bestest friend Ed is back in town from living on the East coast since college. i'm really excited. i think he's back because Paul is leaving, so i have to have SOMEONE here to borrow stuff from.....

just kidding!

Here are a couple pictures from halloween.

Ed is the nun, Paul is Gandalf, and Chris is the disco guy, right? i can't tell....

But since we're on Halloween pictures, here is Kurt and me as Leela and Fry....

Good Stuff. It can also be seen in Planetdan's Halloween Gallery 2004

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Graphic Artist - more like Graphic GENIUS!

So with my new found graphic art skills, i have chosen to share with you a selection of my abilities:

Here is apparently Paul's boyfriend, though i added that the only thing this hawttie had in common with him was his flatulence.

This is a picture of a guy i was set up on a blind date with. It didn't work out.

And this is a picture I sent to Kurt for his 29th Birthday.
i think it turned out quite nice.

Yes. i think i finally have the Skillz to pay the Billz!

Toni, aka Cassie?

Tony Iommi
Tony Iommi....
You are very calm and dark but you can be quite
witty and amusing.

Which rockstar are you like?
brought to you by Quizilla

I'm not sure if i agree with this or not.....

Ode to Paul

So my bestest friend, Paul is gone. He has quit his job to volunteer in Ecuador to build huts and trails for the less fortunate natives.

Can you believe how selfish he is? To go off and leave me here in Denver alone? With no one to borrow movies from, eat their food and pressure them into letting me borrow their car?

Boo, you whore!!

Just selfish.

So here is a picture of my friend Paul:

And for his going away present, i made him a picture of what he would look like as a drag queen:

Look out, Josh. There's a new graphic artist in town.

Do you think he'll like it?

Friday, July 01, 2005

i heart pancakes

blogger rawks!

i am so pumped about blogger! they have added an automatic spell check for your blogs, and NOW it's super easy to post picture! i'm so excited! i'm a picture posting FOOL!!!!

i heart beck

I heart Beck. I just do. i'm sure everyone agrees with me that he is completely awesome. His new album is growing on me at an alarming rate. Too bad the CD got stolen when Josh took in his laptop for service, and it was returned WITHOUT my Beck CD. Jerks. Why didn't they just copy it if they wanted it so bad?

I think Sea Changes was one of the best albums ever. it's right up there with the Joshua Tree. of course, i have about 20 favorite albums, but i think Sea Changes is in my top 5.

How i judge my favorite albums is the amount of time they spent in my tape deck. The best ones had been in there for at LEAST six months straight.

Bestest Albums:
5. Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde
4. The Joshua Tree - U2
3. The Final Battle - Graham Smith
2. Sea Changes - Beck
1. Garden State - The motion picture soundtrack

Now these aren't necessarily in order. And actually, they could change at any time. I almost added The Postal Service, but i lost my cd after owning it for only 2 months. it was in there the whole time, but i never replaced it. So these few made the cut.

Report: Skeptical Lunch Choice is Confirmed After 2-3 Minutes or Until Hot

While filling up my car a full 15 gallons of $2.20 gas, i decided i didn't have time to stop anywhere to purchase lunch. i excitedly went into the 7-E to look at their microwavable lunch section. i thought a nice noodle bowl would do the trick, until i cautiously picked up a lunch sized cheesy Lasagna in a microwavable tray.

i contemplated the choice of lasagna between roasted garlic asian noodles, until finally i felt confident that a nice piece of lasagna was well due on my menu. i purchased the small meal for $2.99.

I was skeptical, but as i walked to my car i looked down at the friendly, reassuring smile of our friend, Chef Boyardee. He was confident i would enjoy his convenient lasagna that needed no refrigeration. Hell! He's been a chef for friggin' 50 years, right? So who am i to question his italian specialty?

I anticipated my lasagna. i hurriedly went to the break room to peal off half of the plastic film and pop it into the microwave. i was so excited, i thought i could hardly wait the 2-3 minutes or until hot! Even AFTER that, is another 30 seconds to cool! Caution! Tray will be HOT!!! All of these directions are making me wait longer and longer for my beloved lasagna. As i pealed off the film, i thought the odor was slightly unpleasant. But i chalked it up to the fact that anything that is supposed to be microwaved, doesn't smell pleasant before the actual cooking. As i ignored the poignant odor, i closed the door and pressed the control pad as fast as i could. OH the agony of waiting - watching the small microwavable tray turn around circle after circle.

Finally, count down of the last minute began, and i quickly prepared my plate, fork, napkin - do i need a knife? I doubt it, but i should take one just in case. Why was i debating this? Did i have time to think about the use of a knife on lasagna? WHEN WILL IT BE DONE????


I immediately opened the door and loaded the Caution will be HOT plastic tray on my plate, and walked hastily to my desk.

Okay. It's been 30 seconds. It has to have cooled down on the way back to my desk - right?

Oops! My boss just beeped me on my subaru nextel. Can't take a bite just yet.

Carlos! Quit talking to me about your stupid tattoo!!!

Ahh....finally. Peace and quiet to enjoy the first bite of my Chef Boyardee cheesy Lasagna!





i should've gotten the roasted garlic asian noodle bowl.
The Chef let us down on this one, my friends.
Don't trust those beady little eyes and that scarf he wears around his neck!
Bad Bad Bad.
Tastes like spaghetti-O's - but worse. it's got some "ricotta" type cheese that is chalky and unpleasant.

Two thumbs down. i had to go buy a Grandma's Peanutbutter cookie just to eradicate the taste from my mouth.
At least Grandma has never let me down!