Thursday, July 14, 2005

Thems some sort a SMART zombies.....My first MOVIE REVIEW

So i just saw Land of the Dead -

Key Points:
It was pretty typical zombie stuff. I of course, LOVE it when they show zombies attacking someone, and digging into their stomachs and eating the intestines....and then ripping the body in half (as if the intesting eating isn't enough)! I cringed when i saw some zombie trying to climb up the wall of the truck/tank thing and the fingernails broke off at the cuticle....that always gets me grossed out! (-yeah, i don't mind eating intestines, just no fingernail bits...). there was also a good part where this one zombie stuck his arm down this dead guy's throat to pull out the tounge...GROSS!!!!

What I Liked:
i did find it an interresting twist that THIS time, the zombies were organized. They learned how to communicate, use tools (to break into things), guns, and crossed a river!!! (on foot of course - there was a cool scene of them walking out of the river into the city). There is of course a cheesy line at the end of this relating to this development, but i won't ruin it for you!

Closing Thoughts:
Why was both Dennis Hopper and John Leguizamo in this film? Two BRILLIANT actors in a movie where the plot was not the most *critical* piece! But alas, if i were a big hollywood star, and i had a chance to be in a George Romero zombie film, i guess i would jump at the chance, and pay some bills while i was at it!!!

(out of 5 *****)
i give it a 3 ***** - because i love zombie films.

I think it ended too soon, which is why it didn't get a 4.

Speaking of Zombies, if you haven't checked out Shaun of the Dead, you are missing OUT!!!!


Aaron said...

Shaun of the dead kicks ass!

If you want a paradigm shift in zombie movies you need to check out '28 days later'. In that movie the zombies can They can also take giant jumps. They could jump from one side of the room to the other easily. They also attacked in groups. Not like a bunch of zombies individually trying to do one thing, but coordinated multi-pronged attacks. It's a neat movie that leaves you guessing who is going to win.

The special effects are incredible. At the very beginning of the movie it shows this guy waking up from a coma and wandering around the streets of London with NOBODY around. I have no idea how they were able to do it.

So, '28 days later' - good. 4 out of 5, a high score for a zombie movie.

jason said...

I agree with Aaron. It's my favorite zombie movie. Other notable mentions include the original Night of the Living Dead and the new Dawn of the Dead. Also, I think the makeup in Michael Jackson's Thriller is one of the best jobs ever done.

Kurt C said...

Go see "Return of the Living Dead." Not a landmark by any stretch of the imagination, but totally worth it when Zombie Ambulance Driver says "...Send... more... paramedics." Zombie gold, baby. And the moral of the story? Never cremate zombie corpses at a mortuary when there's rain in the forcast. It'll screw you every time.