Monday, March 05, 2007

I’ve definitely got a case of the Mondays

This morning I had some problems getting up, but after the weekend, I’ve finally gotten all the supplies I need to make my morning ritual pleasant.
I got a bathroom mat, hooks to hang my shower caddy, instant coffee (pumpkin spice) and I washed all my clothes.

I got out of the shower on time, and even remembered to bring some newly burned music to work with me (as I am TIRED of the crappy radio). I got out of the door on time, and in a good mood.

When lo – as Forrest Gump says, “It happens,” and what he means by that is Shit Happens.

There are still some icy spots along the sidewalks here in Denver. Oddly enough, the City of Denver was giving out tickets to people who didn’t shovel their walks when it was snowing every week. There was a big stink about it, as they were fining old ladies who would shovel their walks one day, only to have it snow again 4 days later for 8 weeks in a row.
Well apparently they didn’t fine any of the building owners around my new apartment. As I walked to my car wearing my very slick treaded Doc Martens, I slipped on some ice, and landed in a puddle – where the hard packed ice was slowly melting. My purse, CDs, keys and freshly washed work sweater (for cold mornings) flew everywhere – including my ankle.

I ended up hurriedly throwing all my (WET) miscellaneous objects into my car, assuring some passersby that I was okay, and hobbling to my apartment to change my clothes. It was a sight to be seen, people. Especially since I never dry or brush my hair before I get to work. I like to air dry my lovely locks with my car heater, and brush it afterwards – which looks a bit scary in the mornings. I look a little like this until I get to the office:

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Heavy Sigh. I guess I actually DO have a case of the friggin' Mondays....

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JLee said...

oh man, that sucks! It's hard to imagine that since I am in shorts and the windows are open! *sorry*
You should go watch "Office Space" again to cheer yourself up. haha