Thursday, March 01, 2007

Beautiful House Reason #2


I have ants.

I just bought ant traps so hopefully they will work.
I saw several of them in my kitchen the other day, which let me to the purchase of Grant’s Ants – and made a mental note to be careful about dropping food on the ground. Also to be careful about leaving food in a trash bin without the lid.

Kurt suggested it was only a few ants and not to worry. Then he reminded me that I had a spider which JUMPED out of one of my boxes AT MY HEAD in which I narrowly escaped. He said since I didn’t kill the spider (good luck blah blah blah) that he would clean up my other insect problems. But do ants really get stuck in spider webs? I think they could avoid them, unlike a fly or something. I just don’t think they’re big enough. Those ants are like a schnack to a spider. I bet they’d rather have something meatier.

So then what happens this morning? I find one in my bathroom. My sanctuary of purity and cleanliness. What is this madness I ask you?

It reminds me of Krull. You know. The Widow of the Web? Scary Shit.

Reason #2 why my new apartment blows.

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