Monday, March 05, 2007

Beautiful House Reason #3

Reason #3 is that I have concrete for flooring. Living in my dorm-like apartment gives me all the perks of cheap student life, which a higher price tag. No late night Play Station games with 5 people on your floor, no free food to get from the cafeteria and store away for munchies, no sleeping in when you’ve stayed up all night gabbing with your roommate, and definitely no maid to come in a clean your bathroom. But there IS crappy concrete flooring with the thinnest excuse for ‘carpet’ I’ve ever seen. Now, I had this thin carpet in my dorms, but I knew many people of other residence halls who just had linoleum. So what did most people do to remedy this? They bought rugs. Unfortunately, I cannot afford to buy a rug with my student loan money. In fact, I’m paying back all the rugs I DID buy during that time, just to be without one – NOW!!!

So I am left to walk around my teeny dorm room apartment in my slippers or shoes. No socks, no bare feet, no pacing around the apartment while on the phone. That equals foot death. My feet hurt within minutes of walking around my apartment without any cushion. My attitude goes from Happy Cassie to Pissed Off and Stay Away Cassie in less than an hour.

So I end up sitting on my less than comfortable futon watching my non existent TV. Thankfully I have books to read – otherwise I think I’d go crazy. I’m thinking of purchasing War and Peace just to give me something to do for the next few months. Of course as it gets warmer, I’ll be out on my bike riding like the wind. But until then, and while it’s cold – I’ll check out some Tolstoy.


Blackpetunia said...

Why Are you doing this again?
You've always had a tv, are you going monkish on me?

Josh said...

we will just have to call you flat foot from now on.

This and That said...

your apt is ted's dream place!!!I am not kidding.

locomocos said...

i have a tv - i just don't have anything to watch on it. no reception at ALL.

and what?? Ted's DREAM place?
I went to your house and just by looking at the front - i thought the same thing for me!

maybe we could switch!

This and That said...

yeah...ted is a minimalist. he always says all he wants/needs is a futon, a lamp and books. (not even a plant because it would require watering and thus responsibility.) I am a taurus and as such I love good food, good wine and material things. So yes, although he loves our house, the guy would live like a monk if he could.I guess that is good because if I married someone like me, we'd be broke and in major debt driving around in cars we can't really afford. did you take that IQ test btw?