Friday, August 18, 2006

Brotherly Love

So I’ve been away from work and computer enjoying the tourist life with my bro. We have done a number of things described in this post. We went to:

Buffalo Bill’s Museum/Lookout Mountain

Argo Mine and Mill Tour in Idaho Springs

Coors Brewery Tour


Echo Lake/Squaw Pass Road

Saw Strangers With Candy

Casa Bonita

Not to mention ate out at tons of cool restaurants and had a BBQ!
My bro is currently in Fort Collins visiting a friend, in which I will join him tonight. He leaves tomorrow afternoon – so I’m hell bent on getting those old time western dress up photos done SOMEWHERE between tonight and tomorrow!

I must say, one of my favorite parts of the vacation was going to Lakeside. How can I possibly get repeated warnings and negative reviews about a place filled with fun?

Sure it’s a little run down! Sure the rides aren’t from this decade or anywhere near it! What’s the prob? No, I did not get accosted by high school gangs. No, I did not get hit on by any carnies. No, I did NOT like The Wild Chipmunk. That ride was friggin’ scary! But I DID have a wonderful time for only $14! It only costs $2 to get in, and $.50 per ride ticket. Rides average from 2-4 tickets. And most of the kiddie rides are only 1 ticket! Next time I baby-sit for anyone, I’m taking their kids to Lakeside! What fun it must be for a adult, let alone a KID!!!!

But what was the best part about going to Lakeside? Almost getting arrested! Wi-Hoo!

So many of you who don’t know, Lakeside Amusement Park used to have a Speedway next to it. It has been closed for 30 years after too many car crashes and FINALLY a car crashed up INTO the bleachers and killed some people (or maybe just one, I’m not sure). But in true fashion of most urban developments, they have left the speedway standing to store a lot of junk in it, while letting plants grow like crazy up around it. Josh and his brother, John, heard stories of this speedway from one of his dad’s friends (who is now so old he’s currently in a home).
Originally uploaded by locomocos.

“Let’s check it out!” said John.
So what do we do? We slip up under some chain link fence (that had already been torn off the fence for entry) and proceed to look around and take photos. Well, attempt to take photos. John and I were posing on the bleachers when from out of no where, and flash light appears and a voice says, “Denver P.D. Come out slowly and put your hands where I can see them.”
Due to the poor quality of my digital camera, we didn’t even get a photo before we were shoved out of the bleacher stands. The flash wasn’t charged. What I wouldn’t give for a flash cube right at that moment!

So the first think out of the Po Po’s mouth was, “What were you guys doing?” As we told them the story of taking a photo due to old stories spun by a racing giant of Denver, they proceeded to take our ID’s and call every cop in a two mile radius. Not to mention that I had to pee like Austin Powers, we were just standing around for 20 minutes next to the bleachers before they took us out into the open, and lined us up in front of their cop cars to get a GOOD look at us in their 18 spotlights. TRESPASSING was the charge. I’m tellin’ ya, I am getting old. I’m almost 30 and I’m getting the 3rd degree on trespassing? The whole time I kept thinking, “Hurry up and give me the stinkin’ ticket and I’ll pay it right here in cash! I gotta PEE!”

I suppose it was the lack of guilt (and apparent boredom) we were all displaying or the fact that none of us had any objections to a drug dog being brought in – but after repeated questioning from one of the more ‘authoritative inclined’ (which means a probable rookie) we were handed back our ID’s ONLY if we PROMISED never to trespass at Lakeside Speedway EVER again.

“No Problem, Officer!”
Whew. No ticket. No ‘taking us to the station’. No trying to explain to my boss that I was at central booking and I would be out sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Not that I was ever nervous about THAT happening! I have complete trust in our legal system! I watch Law and Order! I know my rights!
But I sure do wish one of the cops had been Detective Elliot Stabler……..


Amber said...

Man, trespassing at a run down speedway is no way to go down! What would the "D" say?!

Paul said...

Detective Stabler and I share a name: Eliot. Well, his is Elliot. Actually, mine is too, but I prefer to spell mine with one "l." Anyway, since we have the same name, it must be meant to be. That sounds like quite the adventure! I'm totes jel.

locomocos said...

google image his name - christopher meloni - and you'll get to see him neked....


caffeinator_x said...


Who is this philistine who dares to insult the majesty that is LAKESIDE?!! That place is so totally "KISS meets The Phantom of the Park" VS. Scooby Doo. On acid.

Some people have no sense of aesthetics.

Which one of those cats is your bro?

OH, look, you have another photo site to never add pics to! ;)

Gawd, I love your stories.

This and That said...

who said Lakeside sucks??? Much rather go there then spend half a weeks pay and stand in line for hours to ride 3 rides at Elitch's. Plus you go to Lakeside for the Flava! Elitch's has no character. Okay have the best stories. Glad you got to finally pee and no ticket. Sounds like there is some major activity that goes on at the old Speedway to warrant such a fuss. Maybe it is an old/new al-qaida stomping ground...and the cops heard about it from Bush's illegal phonetapping.

This and That said...

just added you as a contact on flickr

2 Dollar Productions said...

My main question is who is doing so much trespassing at the Lakeside on a regular basis that prompts so much attention from the Denver PD?

Don't they have more pressing concerns?

And if you would have just gone around the side and used the bathroom, you definitely would have gotten a ticket.

S E E Quine said...

` Awesome story! Glad you got away scott free (and got to pee finally!)

` ...I LOVE Detective Stabler!!! He's soooo hawt!!!

Kurt C said...

Actually, it was lakeside PD, since Lakeside is in Lakeside.

Did you know Lakeside motorcycle cops ride BMW's?

Aaron said...

What are you kids doing breaking in to an abandoned anything? How old are you?

They probably had motion sensors set up, you guys tripped them, and the cops just happened to be close by.

That reminds me of last years NYE ninja run to the abandoned insane asylum. Luckily we were all able to run from the cops so nobody had to feed them a line of bull about why we were there. Looks like your troop could take a few lessons from us ;)