Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Music mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel

I was so busy last week, i'm just now catching up on all my emails. Sorry if i haven't gotten back to any of you.
it's because i'm so glamorous.
no. it's because i'm lazy.

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To: dr.teeth@****.com

Date: Mon 08/14/06 05:22 PM

I was driving through upstate New York today, actually just 50 miles
northwest of Woodstock, and listening to an obscure old hippie radio
station. I heard 'Bicycle Race' by Queen and thought, that would be a
song for Cassie to have on her i-pod while she's riding in the MS150
month. Then I thought, "Cassie should post it on her blog". And then I
thought, "She should post a list of her bicycle songs that she will
for the race." And the next thing I thought was, "Cassie should ask for
music suggestions and maybe give a prize for the best bicycle or race
And then I quit thinking. What do you think?

I really do think this is a good idea. Amber had told me she will make me a CD to upload onto my ipod. I listened to that Ivy album Caffx has on his web page, and i have decided to purchase it. This and That gave me the great idea to listen to my old Moby -
But i need MORE music! I'll be riding for 2 WHOLE DAYS!!! I need help!
Any suggestions of albums or music to download? If anyone would like to support my bike ride by making a CD - i'll email you my address!

Suggestions, Suggestions, Suggestions!


Amber said...

I'm not giving away my names that will be on your mixes. It'll be good though. I'll work on that this week. Can you email me your address? I think I have it, but just in case. Also, remind me when you're doing this?

Mom said...

I am not sure how you will set up your ipod, just know, no headphones are allowed on the ride. With so many riders, you will be hearing "on your left" or "car back" all day long. It is a safety thing.

caffeinator_x said...

UH oh...

That means your mom is gonna have to sing to you the whole way.

locomocos said...

NO HEADPHONES???????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well. i've never been good with following the rules.

i'll paint them aamoflauge so they'll never see them!

Mom said...

I have to repeat my comment from your dreadlocks post. AHHH NO.

locomocos said...

We Shall See.....

S E E Quine said...

` Mua ha ha!

` ...That's funny, because my friend Nympho gets headphones....

Anonymous said...


Aaron said...

Link to Anon comment

I would rather listen to something motivational - like bad religion or offspring. I Choose, Let it Burn, etc.

Amber said...

The only thing that Offspring inspires me to do is stab my own ear drums with an ice pick.