Friday, March 31, 2006

My Boyfriend has been practicing his Cock Push-Ups!

So Jack Black is out with a new movie!

Feel free to watch the previews




I can't wait to see him in axshun. i've seen the trailer and some fun movie stills, and it looks awesome.

He will be mine.....oh yes....

He will be mine.


caffeinator_x said...

I love me some Mexican wrestling action. Superzan is my fave. JB better get a mask on though, if this thing is gonna be authentic

locomocos said...

you know it!
Check it OUT!

This and That said...

love jack black, ....mucha lucha!!!!

Amber said...

Can't wait to see this! I am STILL waiting for the supposed new album that Tenacious D is supposed to be putting out? Why aren't they putting out?

S E E Quine said...

` I don't think that he can possibly outdo my superhero friend! In cock push-ups, or overall strength and abilities.

Aaron said...

¿Nacho Libre? ¡Con Queso!