Friday, March 31, 2006

"You want a pony? I'll BUILD you a pony!!!!"

This Make site Josh sent me is really fun!
It's all about making projects at home with random stuff. It's a little like Readymade, but for geeks, not yuppies.

and you know what else? They like American Inventor, too!

So there are tons of neat project to read about - including a Podcast for us knitters called 'Cast On'. I just love it!

here are a few projects in which you can create from this site!

Star Wars Catnip toys!

Zelda NES cartridge hard drive

Toilet Paper Gun (which i'm assuming is more fun than toilet papering by hand....)

And best of all, your own home made Star Trek shuttle craft! Right in your own back yard!!!!

Thanks Josh. This site rulz.


Paul said...

That Make: magazine and site is trés cool. And it isn't all yuppied-out like ReadyMade, although ReadyMade does have some cool projects in it. Anywho, Cas, maybe you could submit your knitting pattern for home appliances that you've been working on.

heather said...

That toilet paper gun is awesome

S E E Quine said...

` I... want... a... shuttlecraft!

Laura said...

I'm with Quine, I want a shuttle craft. I also liked the IPod that was an old nintendo remote... pretty swanky!!! The toilet paper gun would assumably make the job much easier.

Aaron said...

Technically Cas, that Zelda cartridge is not actually a hard drive. It could be classified as a removable magnetic storage, USB drive, jumpdrive... etc.

Hard Disk Drives have platters covered with magnetic material that spin very fast. The NES cartridges have a flash type of memory and have no moving parts.

locomocos said...

hey dude -
i just post the pictures.
i don't actually read the articles unless they interest me.....
i.e. the shuttle craft

i prioritize, my friend.
second is the cat toys.
and i don't even own a cat!