Monday, March 13, 2006

i have no time to post....

but i'm really enjoying searching for famous movie lines of late!

Here are just a few i have collected over the past few weeks (not to mention the scary Shinning quote from below!)

WAV #1

WAV #2

WAV #3

WAV #4

WAV #5

WAV #6

WAV #7

Can you figure out which movies these are from? I know, they're not TOO hard - but humor me!


jason said...

#1 Star Trek Generations
#2 5th element
#3 Brain Candy
#4 no idea
# 5 Caddyshack?
#6 Willow
#7 didn't work for me

locomocos said...

well....the original one was from Army of Darkness - but i couldn't get that one to work. So now try the new #7!!!

Laura said...

My internet kept kicking me off. I only heard two: #1 adn #6. Didn't have a clue about #1 but knew #6 was Willow.. it made it very easy when the movie title was in the line. This is a fun post!!!

Aaron said...

1 -
2 - 5th element
3 -
4 -
5 -
6 -
7 - Tommy Boy or Black Sheep

Those are the only ones I got :(

Excellent idea Cas, good post.

totalvo said...

number 7 is the best one.. and I cannot for the life of me figure where it is from

bt said...

The only two I would have missed was #4 (what the fuck is that?), and number seven I just knew that it was David Spade saying something to Chris Farley.

And Jason, #5 is Willow too, the Peck thing was ongoing in that movie, That particular scene is from when he (Willow) is trying to give the baby to Eric's army (Galadorn's? army) and Martigan/kilmer is in the crowcage telling him no one was going to take it. NO, I was not in to that movie in my teens and would watch it all the time... what makes you say that??? I must say though, a sound bite of Bill Murray washing balls would be funny.

You had an Army of darkness sound bite and gave up on it? You might have been able to get it to work if you said the three words and then told it to give you some sugar baby.

heather said...

You proved Aaron's suspecion that I grew up in a cave... I didn't know any of them, but hey, we watched Spinal Tap over the weekend. Does that help my case any?

This and That said...

Considering my husband, Caff X, had to teach me how to Star Trek correctly " Trek, not Trak"...I think I will probably know none of these.

jason said...'re knowledge of Willow knows no bounds. I bow down to the master. I must have watched that movie at least 25 times as a kid. As for movie quote trivia...I remember back in the day when I had dial-up and AOL I would spent countless hours in the chat rooms for movie trivia lines and song lyric lines. The person to guess correctly first gets to pick the next question. It was fun and addictive.

locomocos said...

you guessed it bt!
i put the magic words - basically - as the sound bite, but alas - it kept saying ERROR.
Wonder why - if they were BASICALLY correct!

Denny said...

3 outta 7 aint so bad i suppose

locomocos said...

okay friends, Jason got most of these right!:
#1 Star Trek the Next Generation (season 1 - episode: Datalore)
#2 5th Element
#3 Brain Candy
#4 Imperial Probe Droid - Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (i would've thought ONE of you nerds would've gotten this!)
#5 Willow
#6 Willow
#7 Tommy Boy

Thank you for playing!