Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Well - I've Moved!

Yes Friends! I have moved! i will post pictures of my new abode, as soon a Josh takes some.

So Josh and I finally decided to bite the bullet, and rent a house. No more apartments for US!!! We are movin' on up (or more like - over) to the Cherry Creek area. We have officially left Capitol Hill (thank GAWD). Our cute little house is located on 4th and Ogden, which is right near a park, a deli, and a Safeway. Our neighbor came over on the weekend (we were at the apartment cleaning) to introduce herself, and bring us lemon squares! (which weren't very good - but i ate them anyway).

My new surroundings are strange and unusual.
Here is how i've noticed we are out of Capitol Hill:

1. Everyone owns not only a dog, but a boxer.
2. It is really quiet except when an 'urban' mom drives her SUV down the street at 90 mph (i think she is late taking her kid to soccer practice)
3. We actually have 'trash day' (i haven't had one of those since living in suburbia in MO)
4. The deli behind us serves sandwiches for $8.00 and bagels for $3.50. WOW.
5. The local liquor store closes at 10 pm, and there are no hobos standing around waiting to take a swig
6. Everyone looks clean
7. The grocery store is actually used for grocery shopping, instead of socializing (unlike Queen Soopers)
8. No one drives around and around the park wearing pink mesh shirts and daisy dukes, while their balls fall out of the bottom.
9. I have yet to see someone walk down the street and pee in some random bushes
10. For the first time in my life, i have felt compelled to purchase avocados.

Well, there you have it. I will continue to add to my list of differences as i experience them. i will just somehow have to get used to this strange new 'world' of living south of sixth, and west of Cherry Creek.


Amber said...

Cherry Creek, you close to the Tattered Cover? Do you have a yard you can work in? Congratulations, at least it's not really suburbia in that area, at least not like Broomfield or something.

caffeinator_x said...

Congrats! It's been a while since I lived on Cap Hill, but it's funny, because I remember moving 4 blocks from any given spot and feeling like I was in a different world. It's like Wax Trax is the zero point, and the older you get, the further you move from it.

You'll find that Safeway is just as cruise-y as Queen Soopers, just more subtle, a lot cleaner, and MUCH better service.

I live closer to Wash Park, but me and the kids totally prefer to go out of our way to Cheeseman. I've always thought the reports of elicit activity were greatly exagerated.

Alas, Amber... Tattered Cover closed a few weeks ago, they're moving to new digs... near Capitol HIll!

Amber said...

WHAT?! Crazy. Where on Capitol Hill can they fit? I guess in a way I like that better. It's more cityish on the Hill and that might make it more similar to Powell's(the best book store in the West) in Portland which is right downtown. I never liked having to go to Cherry Creek anyway.

caffeinator_x said...

agreed on avoiding Cherry Creek... and their location in Lodo was never as nice as that one.

Check this out... they're moving into a historic theater on Colfax. HUGE space, and another portion of the theater will house "Twist and Shout", the best record store in D-town. The 2 business have joined together to move into a neighborhood that'll appriciate 'em both more

you from here or what?

Laura said...

Congratulations, Cassie!! I do have to say that I will think you will miss the random peeing performed by the drunk hobos outside of the all night liquor store... those are good hometown things to see and experience. Maybe you can talk Josh into peeing in one of your house plants when you start missing your old apt.

Amber said...

I grew up in Colo., Pueblo actually but I've lived in Denver and Springs over the years. I really miss it out there. It sounds like things are way more happening than in MO at this point. I still go out at least once a year and always have twice as many options of places to drink, eat and be merry as I do around here.

Aaron said...

Congratulations on moving out of the ghetto Cas. Pretty soon you'll be yelling at the neighborhood kids... STAY OFF MY LAWN!

totalvo said...

that is so so cool that you moved out of cap hill.. I think I live really far away from CAP hill now.. but I have to say that I was a bit of a cap Hill Billy, I lived there for so many years.. I am excited to hear that Tattered cover is moving into cap hill as well as the record store.. that is really cool.. I hope it starts to improve cap hill.. that neighborhood is starting to go to the crack heads.. which is really sad

S E E Quine said...

` Wow! Sounds intriguing!! Good for you! Hope you don't get any nasty surprises out of all this 'clean neighborhood' goodness!

` I'm in Snohomish right now. Perhaps someday I'll move down here. It is so nice!
` BTW, new posts, everyone!

This and That said...

So weird, now that we own a home in the DU area, the hubby and I always fanatsize about moving back to Capitol Hill someday...when the kids are grown (which is along time from now). Always loved Capitol Hill. The Tattered cover is moving into the Lowenstein theater off Colfax so kind of closer to Congress Park than Cap. Hlll I think.
Congrats on the new place. Blog party at your new digs when Peter comes into town?

locomocos said...

Good Idea! I think that would be great to have a shin dig at the new pad and meet everyone!
April, right?
I think we'll have our house put together by then! Plus we've been talking about a house warming! My roomy, Paul, wants it to have a pornogami theme since he saw it on Planetdan!
Whadda ya say?