Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Heaven.....I'm in Heaven!

So i don't quite remember what brought me to this page, but i'm sure glad i've found it! it gives me hope! It makes me smile! It makes me think, "WOW. There's so much more of life out there than i ever thought possible!!!"

What the heck am i talking about?

Well, as you all know, i've always wanted to travel. I've only been to Europe once, and really really miss it! I've always wanted to do new things with my life and go new places! i've always been so jealous of my friends who have saved their money and spend time in other countries just volunteering!

So the one way that i thought about doing these things, plus really building a life 'resume' is to join the Peace Corps! But after that, i really wondered what i would after ward. Could i really pack up my bags from the Corps and go back to Corporate America? Well, my friend Paul told me about a few resources to check out, when i came upon this site:


What a great resource to check out international jobs! I can't wait to start getting the newsletter! For some reason, it makes me feel that I'm not the only one who longs to do something different with their life!
The other good thing about this site, is that the jobs posted are not necessarily meant for 20 somethings! You can be ANY age to do them! i like the sound of that. i could choose to apply no matter HOW long i've been living at my mom's house!


Amber said...

Very cool, I subscribed myself.

Laura said...

I'm in! Can't wait to get my newsletters!

You should try taking random road trips to release some of your adventurous energy in between trips to other countries!

Aaron said...

Ya Cas, like a road trip to KC. What a wonderful destination!

heather said...

Nah. It's wintertime. A roadtrip to go skiing sounds much better!!!

Amber said...

My sister in Denver would love that. She's been trying to get me to go skiing for years now. I hate skiing, but I'd try snowboarding.

locomocos said...

That's a great idea, Laura!

the only road trips i seem to take are to KC to visit my family -

maybe i should forgo the midwest trip for once, and actually go somewhere i've never been.

i guess i just never thought of roadtrips like that!
I've always wanted to go here, and it's only 7 hours away from me! Maybe i'll start planning a weekend getaway!

Amber said...

Cass, Have you ever been the the Great Sand Dunes? They are in So. Colo. right before you get to New Mexico. They are awesome too. It's even less than 7 hours.

Aaron said...

Cas! Take a long weekend and go to Yellowstone!

Amber said...

Yellowstone is actually not that close. It's almost 10hours from Denver, which is almost as far as KC. It would be cool, just probably more than a weekend.

Aaron said...

That's why I said a long weekend Amb-o. How unfamiliar with geography do you think I am? Don't hate.

Denny said...

your better off just getting in the car and heading out then you have no expectations. Ive always had great fun doing that. Of course i usually end up in mexico though.

Amber said...

Is disagreement hate? Is clarification, even if only for myself, hate?
You must be much more of a delicate flower than I thought. Don't worry, I have a loving post coming today.