Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Okay, last time....

I won't talk about the t-shirt ideas ANY MORE after this, but i just have to say, that I came up with this shirt YEARS ago at some bar with assorted bar fly. Dammit...I could be rich by now - AT the bar raking in the dough, thinking about MORE shirts!

(from Josh's work):
* Now and Zen is regularly looking for slogans and designs in the following categories: Young Men's, Boys 8-20, Boys 4-7, Infants and Toddler Boys (ITB), Juniors, Girls, Infants and Toddler Girls (ITG), Activewear (Sports), and Holiday (Christmas, Valentine's Day, St. Paddy's Day, Independence Day, Halloween). We are always looking for ideas in these categories throughout the year.

* If you're want your ideas to be taken seriously, they must be seriously viable ideas. Just as everyone has a screenplay, everyone has an idea they think would make a great tee shirt ("All my friends think this would sell like mad!"). Unfortunately it doesn't usually turn out that way. If you're a trend hound and you already think you know the market, great. If you aren't, please spend time at department stores and at the mall studying what's out there before swearing your idea will make us millions.

Please edit your submissions with a heavy hand and a sharp knife. Really consider what you're sending in after your brainstorm to make sure it's the best in that round. Consider whether you could actually see every slogan as a shirt on the wall of Target or Hot Topic and the like. See whether your ideas make others laugh, or at least elicit compliments over their cleverness. If we receive large lists of mostly unviable ideas from any one writer, we have to throw out the baby with the bathwater; the potential needle in the haystack doesn't justify combing through. (Sorry for mixing metaphors.) This means you should not send umpteen variations on a theme. If you have a handful of ways of stating an idea, pick the best one. If it needs a slight rewrite, we'll figure it out.


Aaron said...

I must be out of touch with the trendy crowd. To put that on a t-shirt seems silly to me.

But, i'm not a teenage girl :)

totalvo said...

I think that is an AWESOME IDEA FOR A SHIRT

locomocos said...

Josh -
Any more thought to the shirt Paul and i have created?


and on the back


pretty good, eh?
I'm mean, it's as good as Paul's shirt, "Here's looking at Euclid" - right?

I think we should focus on nerd shirts for a while.....

Aaron said...

I always thought a good name for an organization, not unlike the pentarchy, would be the 'Flat Earth Society'.

It's from a Bad Religion song, but I think it's a pretty neat title. Maybe it would make a good t-shirt.

S E E Quine said...

` The Flat Earth Society is already an organization! They have a web site if you want to look it up.
` Oh yes, we're all brainwashed into believing the 'dying myth' that the earth is round! We are 'ignorant beasts of the field'!