Monday, February 06, 2006

Everybody Wants Some

I was just rolling the thought around in my head, that i felt really crappy today. i think i ate an entire cow over the weekend (yeah, Amber - AN ENTIRE COW!).

So i was feeling quite porky while working out at my gym on my lunch. I looked in the mirror and thought i should be wearing that weird hat Lane Meyer was wearing in Better Off Dead. I thought about posting a picture of it, when i came across this site.

I feel this individual has way too much time on their hands, and an unhealthy obsessions with this wonderful 80's movie.

Anyway, check it out. There are some fun stills. His other site is pretty obsessive as well.

1 comment:

Aaron said...

Those were the good old days. Hamburgers were Pig Burgers. French girls liked guys in Camaros. And David Lee Roth still sang for Van Halen.