Monday, February 06, 2006

I was just about to say that!

So folks, again another posting begging you to come up with some great ideas so we can get rich!
This time:

Midnight Thursday (2/9) is the final call for Halloween submissions, please. This program, if we get it, is estimated between 500,000 and 750,000 shirts. The royalty will be a bit reduced as we're having to drop the selling price considerably, but it will still be a very nice chunk for the writer(s) responsible. Thank you again for your submissions.

I know for a FACT this will be a lot easier to come up with some good ideas! Especially since Halloween is the best holiday evar!!!! i even remember A-ron wearing an orange t-shirt that used to say, "This IS my Halloween Costume!" Just think about how rich THAT guy is!!!! What about the tuxedo shirt? That guy is probably ROLLING in the dough!
Let's get some ideas rolling before Thursday night, so we can get rich off of Josh's company - as well as Target!!!!


Amber said...

You get no ideas from me until I see the check from my last ideas! sheesh what is up with that. Actually every since that post about stealing our ideas you having been posting very much. Probably spending all the money?...

Aaron said...

Ya, I'm with Amb-o on this one. Let me see the contract first, then I'll let you see my ideas.

locomocos said...

Actually - i think the only idea Josh submitted was Quine's "Teachers don't know it's not bacon".

Except i don't think they went with that one, either. They figured little kids didn't know that commercial - even though i thought it was hilarious.

I really like Ambo's quote from the Breakfast Club
"When you grow up, your heart dies"
I laughed so hard at that one! i completely forgot about it!

So there you are. Keep thinking - and i'm sure we'll hit GOLD!!!