Friday, April 27, 2007

I'm Outta Here!

Good Bye Work! 3.5 years is JUST about enough of you!!!

I will be updating more infrequently for a while due to my move this weekend! Wish me luck!!! I should be back on the blogroll next week!


Office Space Wars

Thursday, April 26, 2007

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (no, not the Europe song)

One more day of work! Hooray!!! I can't wait!
I've been cleaning out my cubicle, throwing away all my office toys, and deleting all my porn from the hard drive!

I'm supposed to be working hard this afternoon, but I get to go get my hair done from my friend, Andee. If you are looking for an OUTSTANDING salon and OUTSTANDING stylist, GO HERE

Afterward - a few drinky poos! So if anyone is interested, C'mon Down!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Results are IN

Josh just told me they sold some of my shirts. If I get $.05 per shirt, I'm looking at $5! Holy Crap!!!

Let the good times roll, and buy my shirt:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Rock Bandana

So I was searching through the internet the other day for who knows what. I don’t know HOW I came across it, but I found a plastic wig for Halloween. It was the ‘80s Heavy Metal Wig’. Complete with bandana. I started thinking about the bandana, or as it is now know, The Rock Bandana. I started googling some old 80s rock stars, and surprisingly enough, many of them still wore the Rock Bandana.

I started thinking about this phenomenon. What was the Rock Bandana? Where did it start? Why did so many young rock stars wear them in the 80s, and why still now? When we were kids playing air guitar and pretending we were rock gods – did we ALL not tie a bandana to our heads? Like it was part of the uniform?

As I looked at different 80s bands, I noticed that some bands actually NEVER wore the Rock Bandana. A way to be different from the norm? Perhaps they never found the right bandana material for them? What did (and still does in many cases) the Rock Bandana represent? Is it a meaningless question equal to “Why tight leather pants?”

So I decided to turn to my best friend, and rock god authority of that time, Greg.

Greg never wore the Rock Bandana, and as I have observed, has been able to change with the times. He is a hip guitarist in a heavy metal band called Changing Faith. He has never succumbed to the bandana – although I know for a fact he did at one time buy leather pants.

So I wrote him and email and his response:

hmmm.. I would say that it started because it was easier to put on a bandana than to do up your rockstar hair. The first day of a tour in the 80's and I'm sure you put two hours into your Jim Gillette hair (google and see what I mean). lots of drugs and dirty women later you don't have it in you to do the do... throw on a bandana. But it's always been a cover up for balding rockers. My favorite is Little Steven from Springsteen's E-street band and the Sopranos... not my favorite musician, but it's always a treat to see him still sporting the bandana instead of the Soprano's wig. Watching him on the Sopranos is kind of like watching Max Weinberg on Conan.. you always forget he was a cool rockstar back in the day.. A side by side picture with the Mob wig and the bandana would show wonders. I guess everything goes back to dirty hippies ultimately.. they're the ones who first brought the bandana into rock & roll. Once again, I'm sure because they didn't want to deal with their hair.

Steven vs. Little Steven*
* note the rock bandana

Well put. I want to know why they took it off for the 90s while they got beerguts and married scary women – but then after beefing up and getting a six pack in the 00s are now donning it again!

Next I will tackle replacing the pink leopard skin cowboy hat (80s) for a straw one (00s).

*please note Bret Michaels of Poison wearing the 2000s STRAW hat AND Rock Bandana!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Josh's Best Painting EVAR

"Cassie and Her Bicycle"

I like it! Looks like my bike handle rammed me in the eye! Means I'm BIKE TOUGH!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Landlord

Check out this funny video This and That posted!!!!


Click HERE

Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Thanks for all the support - and I am going back to the dentist today.
Fucking Fantastic.

So a few thoughts this Monday!

~I put in my 2 weeks notice at my work - and I feel relieved!!! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Hooray!

~What do you think of the new layout? Josh helped me with my new title - although I haven't figured out how to get it to strech ALL the way across the top. It shows up really goofy on his mac - so if it looks silly to you - try using a different web browser - or stick to a PC.

~There is a new blog I frequent! It's a movie review blog called Come Play with Us, Danny. I think by the title you can guess what type of movies they watch.

~Also - this coming weekend is my going away party. I know some of you will be attending and others not - but if you can't come, PLEASE call me so we can hang out before I go! I will still be blogging my little heart away in KC so I won't be too far away. Thanks for all your good thoughts!

Friday, April 13, 2007

A Machete is my Weapon of Choice

The Zombie Movie Survival Quiz

Like Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy, you are the hero. Congratulations. As the chainsaw toting king of witty one-liners, you certainly know how to handle any of those undead nasties heading your way, don't you?
Take this quiz!


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Cake and Beer

I hate the dentist.

Who doesn’t, right?

Well, in order to get my mouth up to grade for the Peace Corps, my dentist suggested getting a deep cleansing. She said my gums were ‘not the greatest’ and she was afraid to write down the results on my Peace Corps medical sheet – because they may not accept it and that would cause delays to my departure time of September.

After speaking with my mom and dad – they both told me to get a second opinion. Well, in the true Cassie tradition, I’ve procrastinated long enough to not have time to do this. So off to the dentist I went for my ‘deep gum cleansing’.

The cleansing is a high powered water pic with vibration to knock all the plaque off with the combination of the two. Sounds easy, right? Well, it hurt like hell. My dentist had to give me Novocaine shots, which I’ve never had before. I was more afraid of the shots than the actual procedure. Stupid Cassie. In the areas of my mouth which were not completely numb – it felt like someone was sticking rebar in between my teeth!
“Juice me UP, lady!” I could barely get the phrase out – but my dentist understood. She promptly picked up the syringe and said, “Okay – big pinch!”

Pinch? Pinch my azz! My knuckles were WHITE from the frickin’ “pinch” – not to mention the rebar.

I tried to keep my mind busy and off the pain by thinking about fun things.

That last episode of Magnum P.I. I watched –
“Oh Magnum! You’re so funny! Your crazy antics always get Higgins riled up! Stay outta the wine cellar!”

PINCH (more like a square peg in a circular hole)

Okay, okay, that’s not working. Think of something better….

“Hmmm….I love candy. Candy is really yummy. I wonder what my favorite candy is…”

PINCH (rebar between my teeth)

Nope. Candy isn’t enough. What else do you love? Pleasant thoughts!!!

“Cake. Chocolate Cake. MMmmm…I love cake. Cake and beer….yeah….cake and beer are really good. I could eat and drink both forever. If I was on a desert isle they would be…”

PINCH (something just tore the teeth from my gums)

Okay, Doolittle. Get it together. Think of something really fucking good or you’ll never get out of this with your dignity. Suck it UP, DOOLITTLE!!! Don’t be such a BABY!!!

“Cookies. I love cookies. I love cookies and milk just like grandma used to give me. The duplex kind. Yeah – with milk. Soft yummy cookies submerged in milk – with a spoon as my only tool to scoop it into my mouth. If you’re good – you can go buy cookies after you leave the dentist office. Just like when you had ear infections when you were little, and mom promised to buy you a new Strawberry Shortcake doll if you were good at the doctors. Would you like that? Would you like me to buy myself cookies? Cookies that melt in your mou…..”



(This reminds me of, “Kiri, kiri, kiri” from The Audition – when she’s screwing needles into his eyelids meaning “deeper” in Japanese)

And then the blessed water tool and SWISH.

“Come back Monday for the bottom half,” my dentist tells me.

“Aweshs hwero kthr?” I ask.

“Yep. Just check out at the reception desk,” she says.

“That will be $92.00. You’re lucky. Your insurance paid 80% of this bill,” said the receptionist.

“Wueo twa FOUT?” I promptly paid and left. Onto the cookie store. I bought extra for Monday.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Kill Bill vol. 2

All this talk about Tarantino and Rodriguez made me watch Kill Bill the other night. I have decided that L'Arena by Ennio Morricone is my theme music for my upcoming life change.
I'll post the original gunfight on my Picture Blog if anyone is interested

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Friday, April 06, 2007

Directed by JOSH

Josh has a new movie out. Check it out if you have a minute (or 20 seconds!)

I think it's pretty funny - and I can't believe it took him an hour to do!
Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

This American Life on TV

So I was over at Josh’s the other night, and was able to watch This American Life on OnDemand. If you get Showtime, you should definitely do this. If not, you can go to Showtime’s Website and watch a free episode.

If you’ve never listened to This American Life – I suggest you do so. You can listen to the radio programs on your computer for free (downloads are $1). I like to listen when I’m cleaning the house or doing homework (aka a design). It’s usually on NPR Saturdays at 2pm if you ever get a chance. Also, you can purchase CDs and listen in your car!

The best part about This American Life is all the emotions this hour show can make you feel. My favorite ones, of course, make laugh so hard I’m crying – but honestly, they do a lot of kids and puberty stories that I can help LOVING how I feel! Squirmy, uncomfortable, embarrassed – just like junior high! It’s great – because after the segment, you realize you NEVER have to go through that part of your life AGAIN!

If you can listen at work or at home, start out with ‘Our Favorites’. It gives you a good list of well rounded programs. My favorite one on there (though I haven’t listened to them all – my work only allows blogging – not headphones) is the Babysitting show. The last part is the BEST.

I was hesitant to like the TV show. It’s only 30 minutes, and I thought, “THIS IS A RADIO SHOW”. But they actually do a segment on watching TV and their program being turned into viewable show – and it was hysterical.

So if you’re sitting at home wanting to listen to something other than the radio – check it out. I believe the podcasts are free as well! You won’t be sorry!

Monday, April 02, 2007

New Addition!

Hello Friends!
There is a new addition to the blog roll - and in true bloggy fashion, please take a moment to check out my friend Paul's blog - Pablofolio

Paul like schwinns, volvos, pina colatas and long walks in the rain.

His turn offs are smokers, bogarts, and egg substitute omlets.

Actually, I have no idea what all his likes and dislikes are - so you had better read his blog.

Hemingway, I've known Paul since high school and he just had a new baby. Paul makes me feel old and unimportant. Too bad I'm addicted to his wonderful writing!

Favorite Onion Articles

I'm pretty busy this week, but I took some time to search out some good Onion articles if you're in the mood for some laughs.

Mom Finds Out About Blog

The Onion

Mom Finds Out About Blog

MINNEAPOLIS, MN-In a turn of events the 30-year-old characterized as "horrifying," Kevin Widmar announced Tuesday that his mother Lillian has discovered his weblog.

The Onion

Burger King Going Cageless

Burger King announced that it would begin buying pork and eggs from farms that do not cage or crate their animals. What do you think?

Maybe I Can Impress Her With My <i>Holy Grail</i> Quotes

The Onion

Maybe I Can Impress Her With My Holy Grail Quotes

Ah, Aimee Porter. How often I have gazed at you from across the coffee shop, longing to smell your hair, to feel your sympathetic cheek against mine.

Remember Me? Im That Kid Who Had A Report Due On Space

The Onion

Remember Me? I'm That Kid Who Had A Report Due On Space

Hey there. Remember me? I'm that kid who had a report due on space. You probably don't recognize me because it was a long time ago. I used to wear my hair totally different.

And A-ron - for some reason the pic in this article always reminded me of you!

The Onion

T.A. Spotted At Bar

STATE COLLEGE, PA-Teaching assistant Drew Phelan was witnessed talking and laughing at an area bar Monday.

I Bet I Can Speak Spanish

The Onion

I Bet I Can Speak Spanish

Hello, amigos! El soy quando agunto! Ella balloona balunga espanyo!

Huge Quantities Of Primo Shit Incinerated By Feds

The Onion

Huge Quantities Of Primo Shit Incinerated By Feds

LAKE ARROWHEAD, CA-A ton of people up and down the coast were seriously bumming Monday, when the Drug Enforcement Administration announced the seizure and destruction of huge quantities of seriously primo shit.