Friday, April 13, 2007

A Machete is my Weapon of Choice

The Zombie Movie Survival Quiz

Like Ash from the Evil Dead trilogy, you are the hero. Congratulations. As the chainsaw toting king of witty one-liners, you certainly know how to handle any of those undead nasties heading your way, don't you?
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2 Dollar Productions said...

Cool quiz - the title of the post made me think of the Machete preview in Grindhouse. Now that was funny - way more amusing than your trip to the dentist. Ouch.

This and That said...

sent you an email. is your party this friday? if not, do you want to attempt a friday movie night with whoever wants to come over after 8pm? the babysitting isn't looking good for saturday for us.

caffeinator_x said...

Dig your new template -

Also, haven't been to a dentist in, oh, 'bout 15 years, and I'm trying to pshych myself up...

Your post gave me bad dreams - I'M NOT KIDDING!!

caffeinator_x said...


caffeinator_x said...

(cannot log onto blogger any other way than thru Cassie's account, which means pointless comments... sorry)

locomocos said...

hey t & t -
so friday I'm supposed to go see Amber's play (dress rehersal) since my party on Saturday might run a little long...but I'll find out what time that is at - and maybe come over afterwards.
If not - maybe we can get together another time? Would you be interested in doing something with the kids?

and caffx - sorry about the nightmares - i'll have plenty of new pain stories after my visit today! Wuhhhahahahahaha!