Thursday, April 05, 2007

This American Life on TV

So I was over at Josh’s the other night, and was able to watch This American Life on OnDemand. If you get Showtime, you should definitely do this. If not, you can go to Showtime’s Website and watch a free episode.

If you’ve never listened to This American Life – I suggest you do so. You can listen to the radio programs on your computer for free (downloads are $1). I like to listen when I’m cleaning the house or doing homework (aka a design). It’s usually on NPR Saturdays at 2pm if you ever get a chance. Also, you can purchase CDs and listen in your car!

The best part about This American Life is all the emotions this hour show can make you feel. My favorite ones, of course, make laugh so hard I’m crying – but honestly, they do a lot of kids and puberty stories that I can help LOVING how I feel! Squirmy, uncomfortable, embarrassed – just like junior high! It’s great – because after the segment, you realize you NEVER have to go through that part of your life AGAIN!

If you can listen at work or at home, start out with ‘Our Favorites’. It gives you a good list of well rounded programs. My favorite one on there (though I haven’t listened to them all – my work only allows blogging – not headphones) is the Babysitting show. The last part is the BEST.

I was hesitant to like the TV show. It’s only 30 minutes, and I thought, “THIS IS A RADIO SHOW”. But they actually do a segment on watching TV and their program being turned into viewable show – and it was hysterical.

So if you’re sitting at home wanting to listen to something other than the radio – check it out. I believe the podcasts are free as well! You won’t be sorry!

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Josh said...

Cassie's right, this show (both radio and tv) are the BEST! I dropped HBO just to I could get showtime just for this show!