Thursday, April 26, 2007

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (no, not the Europe song)

One more day of work! Hooray!!! I can't wait!
I've been cleaning out my cubicle, throwing away all my office toys, and deleting all my porn from the hard drive!

I'm supposed to be working hard this afternoon, but I get to go get my hair done from my friend, Andee. If you are looking for an OUTSTANDING salon and OUTSTANDING stylist, GO HERE

Afterward - a few drinky poos! So if anyone is interested, C'mon Down!


S E E Quine said...

` YAAAAAAAA!!!! Trigger upbeat awesome music with cool drum solos!!

` BTW, the complete idiot I made fun of with my fake bigfoot post apparently thinks the tracks are REAL and is posting them on his website!!! I'll keep the post up-to-date!

This and That said...

CONGRATS!!!!!! My salon offers wine and beer while you get your hair that rocks! although I have yet to take advantage of it because I always have to drive afterwards. What day are you leaving?? Are you here this saturday?

you should leave some twisted fetish porn on your computer so they talk about you forever!

2 Dollar Productions said...

Congratulations - that must be a great feeling & a few drinks were definitely in order to celebrate the end of the road. Nice one.

duff said...

evil woman! i'm doomed to spend the rest of the day with that damned song in my head.