Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Thanks for all the support - and I am going back to the dentist today.
Fucking Fantastic.

So a few thoughts this Monday!

~I put in my 2 weeks notice at my work - and I feel relieved!!! A huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Hooray!

~What do you think of the new layout? Josh helped me with my new title - although I haven't figured out how to get it to strech ALL the way across the top. It shows up really goofy on his mac - so if it looks silly to you - try using a different web browser - or stick to a PC.

~There is a new blog I frequent! It's a movie review blog called Come Play with Us, Danny. I think by the title you can guess what type of movies they watch.

~Also - this coming weekend is my going away party. I know some of you will be attending and others not - but if you can't come, PLEASE call me so we can hang out before I go! I will still be blogging my little heart away in KC so I won't be too far away. Thanks for all your good thoughts!


2 Dollar Productions said...

1) Love the new look. It is awesome and the best change I've seen in awhile.

2) Congrats on the 2 week notice as that's always a relief.

Very cool on all fronts.

S E E Quine said...

` Awesome title pic! Where didja get it? Good luck with the moving (and the dentist).

locomocos said...

why thank you 2 Dollar and quine!

I can't remember where I got that pic - but I think I'll make it a permanent photo on the blog pretty soon. I just like looking at it and imagining what will be made from those scrumptious tidbits!

caffeinator_x said...

I'm totally ripping you off - I broke Google in order to figure out how to hack the "black minima" template into submission.

Now I just have post something to lonely little blog...

Yeah, congrats on the two weeks notice thing - that's like the 20th century American dream!

the wife said...

dare to dream Caff X

Pablo said...

Suckage. I will not be in Denver for your party. Non-suckage, I will have you in Kansas City for a few months.

Semi-suckage: the new layout is nice, but it lacks Bjork.

Godspeed Cassie's gums.

Aaron said...

I like the new layout. It works really well with the new title image.

Congratulations on quitting your job ;)

Have you tried to resize your title image? Are you within the size of your container?

locomocos said...

maybe you can help me. i also need help with my Loco Moco Pics site. I can't get it to delete the header so I can add my own.