Monday, August 28, 2006

Kelty or Marmot?

Josh and I went shopping over the weekend. I especially wanted to get a few items for my bike ride, which is only 2 weeks away!

So Josh bought some docs and I bought some much needed bike shoes.

Josh bought a nice button up shirt, and I bought a bike jersey.

Josh bought a DVD player, I bought a camelbak!

Yes yes yes. A couple of regular consumers.

With two weeks away, I still need some items for my ride. I have to spread out my purchases, as it is friggin' expensive to be a cyclist!
As I was trying to shop for my bike items at the local R.E.I. store (and came up with nada) I realized that everyone IN that joint had the money to do all those crazy hobbies! Have you ever been to a 'recreational sports' store? it's not like a REAL hunting, camping, fishing store. Now yes, I understand that we are in the Rocky Mountains, and it's easier to do the 'mountain sports' - but if you've ever been to a locally owned 'mountain sports' store, versus a 'recreational sports' megastore - you will notice a difference. The difference being that the people who shop at one store go there partly to purchase 'recreational' North Face coats for the 'cold' Colorado winters, and partly to go to the Starbucks to read their newspaper - while people go to the other store to actually purchase items for their 'mountain' sports.
I'm not any better. I think those stores are cool - for about 5 minutes. After my workout in which I had to vault over all the GINORMOUS jogging strollers and artfully dodge the people who stood in the middle of the traffic flow talking about Cliff bars, I made Josh take me to the bike shop across town!

Well, after my rant about R.E.I. MEGASTORE - I decided to get serious about shopping for my ride.
I decided to buy a hat.

What do you think?
I bet it will make me faster.

Monday Morning Deep Thought! You know you Love Them!

The memories of my family outings are still a source of strength to me. I remember we'd all pile into the car - I forget what kind it was - and drive and drive. I'm not sure where we'd go, but I think there were some trees there. The smell of something was strong in the air as we played whatever sport we played. I remember a bigger, older guy we called "Dad." We'd eat some stuff, or not, and then I think we went home. I guess some things never leave you.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Got Rum?

I just heard about this album, and I can't wait to buy it!
Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys by BONO, Nick Cave, and Lou Reed??

You can't lose!

This will be a definate on my bike ride.
Fo Sho.

Don't forget, September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day!

It's not looking good for you Scorpio's out there....

Astrologers have assigned Pluto's rulership to Scorpio. Pluto travels its fastest in Scorpio, spending only 12 years in that sign, where it spends up to thirty years in the other signs. The planet Earth experienced perihelion between the Sun and Pluto in September of 1989, or its closest contact with that planet, during which time Pluto actually orbited on the inside of Neptune for a while. Here we have felt Pluto at its strongest. This is a convincing argument in itself that Pluto rules Scorpio.

Pluto Gets the Boot

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Flow it, Show it; Long as God can grow it, My Hair!

Since deciding that I needed to make a career change, whether it be school or Peace Corps, I have decided to change my hair into something I’ve always wanted. The question is no longer WHEN I will do this (for it will be within the year AFTER my bike ride) but WHAT I will do.

Years ago, my friend Tara used to braid my entire head of hair for Taco Bell. No extensions were used, as I was young and had full, thick hair. But now, I want fuller hair.

Also years ago, my friend Nick once told me that I would look really good with dreadlocks. At first I balked at this idea, but have since then come to enjoy the idea.

As my last year of working at my current company commences, I have decided to start making my dream of beautiful hair a reality. No longer will I let the corporate man dictate what my beautiful locks should look like. I will be in control of MY OWN HAIR’S DESTINY!!!

So I found some pictures of hair off the internet. I had Josh photo shop my face into the photos, to give everyone an idea of what I’m thinking of:

Cassie with Dreadlocks:

The Pros of this is that it's natural and 100% my hair for free. The cons is that it will take a long time to grow out to this length in the photo. 3-4 years.
With Josh's brother in town, i grilled him on his dreadlocks - as well as researched them online. i think i could swing this 'do - and keep it nice and clean. i have heard some not too nice descriptions of smelly, bug-infested dreads that scared me a little - but after researching them online, i found that this can be true and happen to dreads ONLY IF YOU ARE A SMELLY HIPPIE.
So no fear there. You DO wash them often, and you DO have to take care of them as much (if not more) than regular hair to keep them healthy and pretty.

Here is Cassie with Braids:

Now, the pros of this is that i would get instant hair and could have whatever colors extentions i wanted (i want black braids and maybe 1 or 2 extentions with color). The cons are that this is temporary, i will be spending tons of money, and i will have to continue to go to the beauty shop for upkeep.

So there you have it. I'm still debating which 'do to dawn. I'm leaning heavily toward the dreads, but wanted to get other people's opinions. Have any dread or extention stories? Any more pros and cons to think about? i'd like your feedback!

Music mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel

I was so busy last week, i'm just now catching up on all my emails. Sorry if i haven't gotten back to any of you.
it's because i'm so glamorous.
no. it's because i'm lazy.

From: billdool@***.net
To: dr.teeth@****.com

Date: Mon 08/14/06 05:22 PM

I was driving through upstate New York today, actually just 50 miles
northwest of Woodstock, and listening to an obscure old hippie radio
station. I heard 'Bicycle Race' by Queen and thought, that would be a
song for Cassie to have on her i-pod while she's riding in the MS150
month. Then I thought, "Cassie should post it on her blog". And then I
thought, "She should post a list of her bicycle songs that she will
for the race." And the next thing I thought was, "Cassie should ask for
music suggestions and maybe give a prize for the best bicycle or race
And then I quit thinking. What do you think?

I really do think this is a good idea. Amber had told me she will make me a CD to upload onto my ipod. I listened to that Ivy album Caffx has on his web page, and i have decided to purchase it. This and That gave me the great idea to listen to my old Moby -
But i need MORE music! I'll be riding for 2 WHOLE DAYS!!! I need help!
Any suggestions of albums or music to download? If anyone would like to support my bike ride by making a CD - i'll email you my address!

Suggestions, Suggestions, Suggestions!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Brotherly Love

So I’ve been away from work and computer enjoying the tourist life with my bro. We have done a number of things described in this post. We went to:

Buffalo Bill’s Museum/Lookout Mountain

Argo Mine and Mill Tour in Idaho Springs

Coors Brewery Tour


Echo Lake/Squaw Pass Road

Saw Strangers With Candy

Casa Bonita

Not to mention ate out at tons of cool restaurants and had a BBQ!
My bro is currently in Fort Collins visiting a friend, in which I will join him tonight. He leaves tomorrow afternoon – so I’m hell bent on getting those old time western dress up photos done SOMEWHERE between tonight and tomorrow!

I must say, one of my favorite parts of the vacation was going to Lakeside. How can I possibly get repeated warnings and negative reviews about a place filled with fun?

Sure it’s a little run down! Sure the rides aren’t from this decade or anywhere near it! What’s the prob? No, I did not get accosted by high school gangs. No, I did not get hit on by any carnies. No, I did NOT like The Wild Chipmunk. That ride was friggin’ scary! But I DID have a wonderful time for only $14! It only costs $2 to get in, and $.50 per ride ticket. Rides average from 2-4 tickets. And most of the kiddie rides are only 1 ticket! Next time I baby-sit for anyone, I’m taking their kids to Lakeside! What fun it must be for a adult, let alone a KID!!!!

But what was the best part about going to Lakeside? Almost getting arrested! Wi-Hoo!

So many of you who don’t know, Lakeside Amusement Park used to have a Speedway next to it. It has been closed for 30 years after too many car crashes and FINALLY a car crashed up INTO the bleachers and killed some people (or maybe just one, I’m not sure). But in true fashion of most urban developments, they have left the speedway standing to store a lot of junk in it, while letting plants grow like crazy up around it. Josh and his brother, John, heard stories of this speedway from one of his dad’s friends (who is now so old he’s currently in a home).
Originally uploaded by locomocos.

“Let’s check it out!” said John.
So what do we do? We slip up under some chain link fence (that had already been torn off the fence for entry) and proceed to look around and take photos. Well, attempt to take photos. John and I were posing on the bleachers when from out of no where, and flash light appears and a voice says, “Denver P.D. Come out slowly and put your hands where I can see them.”
Due to the poor quality of my digital camera, we didn’t even get a photo before we were shoved out of the bleacher stands. The flash wasn’t charged. What I wouldn’t give for a flash cube right at that moment!

So the first think out of the Po Po’s mouth was, “What were you guys doing?” As we told them the story of taking a photo due to old stories spun by a racing giant of Denver, they proceeded to take our ID’s and call every cop in a two mile radius. Not to mention that I had to pee like Austin Powers, we were just standing around for 20 minutes next to the bleachers before they took us out into the open, and lined us up in front of their cop cars to get a GOOD look at us in their 18 spotlights. TRESPASSING was the charge. I’m tellin’ ya, I am getting old. I’m almost 30 and I’m getting the 3rd degree on trespassing? The whole time I kept thinking, “Hurry up and give me the stinkin’ ticket and I’ll pay it right here in cash! I gotta PEE!”

I suppose it was the lack of guilt (and apparent boredom) we were all displaying or the fact that none of us had any objections to a drug dog being brought in – but after repeated questioning from one of the more ‘authoritative inclined’ (which means a probable rookie) we were handed back our ID’s ONLY if we PROMISED never to trespass at Lakeside Speedway EVER again.

“No Problem, Officer!”
Whew. No ticket. No ‘taking us to the station’. No trying to explain to my boss that I was at central booking and I would be out sometime tomorrow afternoon.

Not that I was ever nervous about THAT happening! I have complete trust in our legal system! I watch Law and Order! I know my rights!
But I sure do wish one of the cops had been Detective Elliot Stabler……..

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Hitchhiker's Guide to Battle Star Wars

I had a very weird dream last night. As much as I don’t remember about it – the little that I do is very discombobulated…

It had something to do with me being in space, another planet, a towel around my neck, and legos.

But the funny part is that Amber was there trying to save me from some ‘Alien Adolescent’. In order to do this, she went up to his ‘toy room’ (which by the way was the third floor of my grandma’s old house) and started making an ‘army’ of evil toys, like in Toy Story. If you never saw that movie, there is some bad kid in it who would steal toys, take them apart and put them back together like Frankenstein. It was actually pretty funny in my dream! All my old toys were there! Like old friends coming out of my memory to say hello! Barbies, Star Wars, Strawberry Shortcake, Battlestar Galactica, The Batmobile! And of course, He-Man!

So as I awoke thinking about such a crazy dream, I thought about writing a post about it. In my search for pictures of He-Man, I came upon a couple of stats.

Here are some He-Man Stats:

Real Name: Prince Adam of Eternia
Identity/Class: Human tranformed by magic
Occupation: Prince of Eternia
Affiliations: Battle-Cat; Man-At-Arms; Teela; Ram Man; Sorceress; Orko; She-Ra; Mekanek, Stratos, Man-E-Faces, Buzz-Off, Sy-Klone, Roboto, Moss Man, Zodak, Fisto
Enemies: Skeletor; Batros;
Beast Man; Evil-Lyn; Mer-Man; Trap Jaw, Tri-Klops, Whiplash, Clawful, Two-Badd, Stinkor, Webstor, King Hiss, the Snake Men, Flogg
Powers/Abilities: Able to tranform into a superstrong incarnation using the Sword of Power given to him by the Sorceress. He draws the weapon and invokes the magic using the phrase "By the Power of Grayskull. I have the Power." He can also transform his friend Cringer into his steed Battlecat.


BUT – as I was searching this site, I saw a slightly interesting link at the bottom of the page. To put it bluntly, I found She-Man

She-Man Stats:

Real Name: Pando
Identity/Class: Human transformed by magic.
Occupation: Blacksmith
Affiliations: Gayskull
Enemies: Skeleton
History: Pando is a blacksmith who dreams of becoming a superhero. One day his dream is granted by a gay hermit Gayskull, who transforms him into a hero, so that he can rescue kidnapped Barrio children from the evil Skeleton. However because of Gayskull's sexuality, his spell turns Pando into She-Man, a gay superhero who rides a butterfly into battle.


Why do I find this so hilarious? I have no idea. Maybe it’s because I just haven’t seen too many transgendered superheroes out there. Well, for whatever reason, my barrio children feel safer at night.

On a seperate note, Caffx - have you gotten on that show, Who Wants to be a Superhero yet?

Monday, August 07, 2006

Monday Morning Deep Thought

Instead of mousetraps, what about baby traps? Not to harm the babies, but just to hold them down until they can be removed?

Friday, August 04, 2006

¡Chao Bella!

Holy Crap. I am hung over. But it was well worth it.

I got a call from my friend Jessica yesterday, inviting me to go see Manu Chao at The Fillmore. Can I just say, What a FUN show! I’ve heard a few of their songs from miscellaneous mix CDs (I wrote ‘tapes’ and then realized that wasn’t the case anymore) mainly from Amber. I was pleasantly surprised at their show, and the diverse crowd it attracted! Latinos, Hipsters, Baby Boomers and of course – The Hippies. I haven’t been to such a large gathering of Hippies since I went to Madeski Martin and Wood!

But OH! Such joy! Such fun! Such free drinks because Jessica’s old boss was one of the bartenders!

I highly recommend Manu Chao if you’re interested in latin music! Here’s a brief description of what he sounds like, from Wikipedia! Or listen HERE

Manu Chao sings in French, Spanish, Arabic, Galician, Portuguese, English, and Wolof, often mixing them in the same song. His music has many influences: rock, French chanson, Iberoamerican salsa, reggae, and ska, and Algerian raï. These influences were obtained from immigrants in France, his Iberian relations, and foremost his travels in Mesoamerica as a wandering nomad following the disbanding of Mano Negra.

Though Manu Chao is one of the world's best selling artists, he is less well-known in the English-speaking world. Tours in the United States with Mano Negra never led to much success in that country, and Chao seems inclined to focus his efforts in Europe and Latin America, where his musical style finds its roots and his left-wing populism is more widely greeted. Though his live performances in the US are exceedingly rare, Chao is scheduled to play a handful of dates in that country in 2006, including a headlining spot for Lollapalooza 2006.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Denver Mint = Fort Knox!

It has been decided. I will not be going to my 10 year reunion. I will, however, be entertaining my brother who has purchased a plane ticket and will be staying with me for a week!

The best thing about my brother coming to visit me (apart from spending quality time together) is that I can take him around Denver and show him the sites to be seen!

I’m so excited!

I sat down last night and started brainstorming. I figured I would take off a couple days of work, since I won’t be going to my reunion anyways.

Things for my brother and (not limited to) me to do:
1. Go Bowling at Lucky Strike Lanes on the 16th Street Mall
2. Go to the Coors Brewery
3. Go to the Denver Mint
4. Go to Lookout Mountain and Buffalo Bill’s Grave
5. Go to Casa Bonita
6. Go to The Midnight Movie at the Esquire (either Ed Wood or The Great Muppet Caper!)
7. Go to Lakeside
8. Go to Dave and Busters (the duo is BACK at Shinobi!)

If anyone has any awesome ideas of things we can do while he is here, I’d love some suggestions! Even if you don’t know Denver, what are some fun GUY things to do when visiting your sister?

And as for the Mint, I just tried to make reservations for a tour, and they’re booked SOLID through mid-September! What gives? Are there REALLY that many people trying to tour the Mint? Geez!!!!