Monday, December 11, 2006

Post Birthday Post

Thank you all for your happy birthday wishes!
Besides playing around with my camera phone on my b-day, I got:

1. Beerfest from Kurt
2. Slippers, Magnum and A CAR from Josh
3. Dishes from Mom
4. Moolah from Dad
5. Ice Luge from Ed and Paul
6. Free drinks from Gabors
7. Birthday texts from Denny, Leslie, and Sherri
8. Ecards from Amber and Cody
9. Cards from my Aunt Rita, Kaila, Josh and Leslie
10. Birthday kudos from MANY people as seen on myspace and my last post!
11. Measuring cups from Josh's mom
12. Scarf from Euna
13. Ode From Amber
14. Hangover from Kurt, Ed, Paul, Euna and Stacey!

Thank you everyone who made me feel so loved!


thisand that said...

Is that the Olympic team highlights for drinking you are holding? Josh got you a car...DAMN!!! (and magnum!)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a good one! Tell us more about the car...


locomocos said...

i'll write a post about the car...

Anonymous said...

A car! Is this the one you mentioned...? more more. Did you just wake up from the hang over?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cas. Will you promise to get rid of that old car now?

15. A voicemail message from A-ron

Anonymous said...

` I'm glad you got that wonderful ice luge you had hoped so badly to get.

` Oh Damn, I forgot to send you a B-Day card!!! Well, Cephalopodmas is up soon. Perhaps that will be my next exuse.

` >:^D Mua ha ha haa!

Anonymous said...

I latched on to another one of your innovations Cas...

Anonymous said...

Did you watch "Beerfest" yet? I thought it was kind of boring. Sure, a few funny bits, but not that many.


Paul said...

Why are that Pumpkin Lady's boobs blowing up in that ode to you from Amber?