Thursday, December 07, 2006

December 7, 2006

Today is my birthday -
And what did I get?

An Art Card from Amber -
and some money to bet.

Today is my birthday -
So what was received?

Slippers so pink -
They're hard to perceive!

Today is my birthday -
What was to be had?

Season 2 of Magnum PI -
To enjoy with my dad!

Today is my birthday -
And I shall go to the bar...

But don't worry I won't drive
My last gift was a car!


Denny said...

Happy Birthday Cassinator !!

Anonymous said...

left you a blog bday entry, but will wish it to you here too....make sure and take your metamucil....I hear you lose your ability to take in fiber as you age.

caffeinator_x said...

Happy Birthday, Cassie!!

I remember reading a list of things you should do before you turn 30... one was to perform, SOMETHING, at some open-mic, SOMEWHERE.

I, for one, would pay cash money to see a rollicing, feminine-mystique fueled peice of performance art titled "Samuri Boyfriend"... how bout it?

jason said...

Happy Birthday....did you really get a car?

Dilaram said...

Yeah. Happy Birthday Cassie. I think you can almost say you are halfway up the hill. But then again, it really is just how fast you peddle; if you peddle fast enough you start to hyperventilate, and then you feel like you are flying around the hill.

Remember to come see us on New Year's eve. Also, anybody reading this is invited to come and stay with me and Amber on New Year's Eve. The invitation is always open.

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a good one, are you hung over?

Anonymous said...

` Urrrgle. Sorry I wasn't here earlier to wish you happy birthday. I've been astoundingly intoxicated lately. So, belatedly... Hippo birdy!!

2 Dollar Productions said...

Happy belated birthday and maybe you've recovered by now from the night out.

That's awesome about the car too. Nice one.

Anonymous said...

Here are some neat pages about your birthday...

7 December