Tuesday, December 05, 2006

29 doth Approacheth...

Oh gawd. Just shoot me.

I'm feeling so haggard.

Let's take a look at what the past birthdays have brought me - shall we?

December 7 - The Day of Tears:

2002 - Age 25 - I got laid off from my first job after college
2003 - Age 26 - My first gray hairs started appearing on top of my head
2004 - Age 27 - My Samurai boyfriend forgot my birthday
2005 - Age 28 - My eyes went and got old and I needed glasses
2006 - Age 29 - I am burnt out at work and need a career change

Well - this Day of Tears has another knotch to add on the bedpost. Next year I will be 30.
30, People. What the heck am I going to do? I haven't even been to Vegas yet! Oh wait, yes I have.
I haven't even been to New Orleans yet!
Guess I know what my goal is for next year.
Heavy sigh.


Laura said...

I'm with you on this birthday thing. I think it should be a day forgotten by all. HOWEVER, just think of all the free drinks you'll get!!!! If you come to KC I'll buy you a drink... or two... how bout three... guess we shouldn't stop at three...

Anonymous said...

uhh....not sure what to say since I am fuckin older than all of you...

I, unlike CaffX, had no problem turning 30,I was ready for it. I am actually psyched to see 40 only 2 years away. Why? Because even with everyday BS that bugs me, I am happy with my life, my family, my decisions. I see the people who get really bogged down in the age thing just have some agenda they feel they should have accomplished by that certain age. Why spend so much energy on that? The only one that puts time limits on you, is you. Go to New Orleans, go to Europe....you make a good living and have no kids that keep you tied back right now. So until that happens, if that is a choice you even want, start looking at the life in the years instead of the years in your life. Shit, I sound like one of those inspirational magnets you get at bookstores. So since I already crossed that line...here is one right off my fridge...


In the meantime, when we see you next I'll get you a shot.

Dilaram said...

Happy birthday Cassie. See you on New Years. Not to repeat what this and that just said but I too will be 40 very shortly and even with 3 kids (the oldest is 13 and the youngest is 6) and a wonderful career traveling around the globe writing software and Amber trying to get me to clean the house I always find time to be a kid.

I really am younger now than I was in my 20's. Until I realized that taking responsibility for one's actions primarily has to do with not putting up with any baggage that brings you down. I got divorced and let myself be inundated with life instead of regretting getting up in the morning.

It really is a state of mind and I am getting younger and younger everyday. Soon I think I will be a baby again. I need to find a nurse maid though.

2 Dollar Productions said...

I've always said that birthdays cease to be any fun at all once you hit 21 and then it's all downhill.

Good luck surviving as I think that's the best thing you can do - and have a few drinks we good friends.

Crying is optional.

Anonymous said...

How can you be 29 when I'm only 23?

Anonymous said...

Hope you had a great birthday! Go celebrate until age doesn't matter anymore. And post pictures afterwards.


Anonymous said...

Her birthday isn't until tomorrow, don't let her fool you.
Cassie, I think you're taking this age thing way to hard. But then again, I may be coming from left field since I'm SO much younger than you. That week makes a difference, I think.

Anonymous said...

` Oh, this post brings back such memories... for me, anyway. I've had a lot of crappy birthdays, with horrible bad stuff happening each time - as a child I was given presents, shamed because I 'didn't deserve them' and then punished for being ashamed instead of happy for getting them!
` I also followed the birthday tradition of 'attempted suicide' faithfully until I was about nineteen.
` After that, my birthdays had been mediocre at best, full of doom, death, misery, destruction, and did I mention, doom?

` Lucky me, that changed this year when I lost my virginity for my birthday instead of something destructive. Indeed, the only thing that was destroyed is a small infected membrane that prevented me from sitting straight.
` Perhaps next year, I'll be able to lose my 'orgasm' virginity, because I don't think sex of any kind really 'counts' that much unless you have feeling in those regions.

` Here's hoping you lose your N'awlins virginity! And watch out for hurricanes!

Paul said...

With all those ex-boyfriends, do you have room for another notch on the bedpost? Sike! Happy Day of Tears, Lady!