Friday, June 16, 2006

Skinny Dip = Dippy Response

So, after about a month of saying that someone should write a letter and give Kudos to New Belgium Brewery, I finally broke down and did it.

I just wanted to drop a line and let you know that your seasonal beer, Skinny Dip, is awesome.
I am a 1554 fan myself, and didn't think i would like a 'lower carb' summer beer such as this. But man, it rawks.

Reason #1: I first tasted this in Fort Collins and was pleasantly surprised to find it on tap in a lot of places in Denver.
Reason #2: Just because i'm a girl doesn't mean I always count carbs. But is sure is nice to know that you can drink 6 of these and know you are only ingesting 42 carbs and less than 700 calories! (that's less than a chipolte burrito!)
Reason #3: This crisp light beer is perfect for family gatherings. Do you have retailers in Kansas City so I can pick some up for the 4th of July?

To sum up: Good beer. Too bad it's seasonal.

Cassie D
Denver, CO

The response left something to be desired. I found my letter funny, refreshing, and a definite ‘grinner’ of an email to perk up the PR guy’s day. I mean really, other than all the hippies that write in, how often do you get a woman who gives definitive reasons to back up her claim?

Hello Cassie,

Thanks for the e-mail. it's always nice to hear from another satisfied customer. As far as where to go in K.C. pretty much any bigger liquor store should carry a number of our beers including Skinny dip. if you have any other questions please feel free to contact us at your leisure. Have a good day, Derek Lacombe

Derek Lacombe

New Belgium Brewing Co.
500 Linden Street
Fort Collins CO 80524
See what's brewing at

Now, the advise to go to any liquor store in KC to pick up New Belgium’s SEASONAL beer is a bit of a stretch. Heck, I can only find 1 liquor store (more like DEPOT) that has 90 Shilling (granted, that’s O’Dells) in 6 packs only! I also consorted with my dad and HE said that sometimes breweries don’t ship their seasonal beers! So maybe our info was wrong – but if you’ve ever been to KC, if you don’t like Bud, Bud Light, Miller, Coors Light, or MGD, you’re hard pressed to get anything micro-brewed on tap. And as for Boulevard, being on tap at more establishments other than in Westport is a relatively new concept. Trust me. I had to suffer all through college coming home during the summer to CRAPPY draft beer!!! BOO!!!!

Still I am glad I got a response. But I am sorely disappointed it wasn’t anything compared to when I wrote an email to UPN Channel 20. If you missed that post, I suggest you read it!!! The response I got from those guys was GREAT!!!

sorry i can't post pictures. blogger blows again!


caffeinator_x said...

As a pussy, I don't drink beer. I DO think you should start up a blog of clever letters written to companies, and their responses - that'd make you a "blog of note" for sure. (Either that or you can "love pictures" a little more often)

Home Improvement is their highest rated show?! Working in "the biz" I feel for the guy who's gotta try to get advertisers on that crap.

Amber said...

I can assure you Cass, that you can indeed get Skinny Dip in St. Louis, so I'm sure you can get it at Gomer's in KC, another place that most likely carries it and they are found in more abundance, is Berbiglia, but if you're in Midtown try Gomer's first.
You could just come to St. Louis...
I actually really wanted to try to come out there when you're in town but last week we had some very sad unexpected things happen that drained our resources for now. I'm have a post in the works about it.

S E E Quine said...

` Home Improvement is their highest rated show? Alright, who has the Nelson boxes?
` Yes, I like your letters to companies. In fact, you can make an excuse to write such letters in order to put them on your blog!

` It sucks that you can't upload pictures onto your blog.
` When that happens to me and I am using Imageshack or any photos on the web, I simply copy the HTML code for other pictures into the post and replace the URL with the URL of the picture I wanted to insert. Then I adjust the pixel width if need be.

This and That said...

I agree that was a lame response. They could at least give you some free beer. Sorry I missed you at the Festival. I told Caff X that you must be starting to think I don't exist. I was volunteering at an annual HIV/AIDS retreat in the mountains so the hubby had the kiddos to himself.

I couldn't load pics for awhile and it had to do with the popups being blocked?! I allowed popups and then I could load pics. Go figure!

So, please take Caff X on a bike cruise night sometime soon. He deserves time doing his thing away from the familia.

Amber said...

so, what's the word on Nacho Libre? I assume you saw it this weekend. I'm reading bad reviews of it, but I consider you the authority...

Aaron said...

I have to take exception to your statement about KC. Not only do we have a multitude of fine brewing establishments in the area, most of the bars in KC have at least one flavor of Boulevard on tap. Believe me, I know. I will not patronize an establishment if they do not have Boulevard on tap.

I would also point you to a little known treasure when it comes to buying beer/liquor/wine in KC. Red-X has a more than ample selection of microbrewed beers, not to mention an extensive wine and liquor department. I bet you wouldn't have trouble finding at least 3 or 4 flavors of New Belgium beers there, probably seasonal varieties as well. They carry all flavors of Boulevard - including seasonals.

locomocos said...

actually, red x is the only place i've EVER found good microbrews for purchase. I also know they special order stuff there as well.

and i think i was pointing out that up until recently, (within the last 5 years) the only establiments you could find boulevard on tap was in westport. I don't know if such fine establishments such as, Dirk's for instance, actually have good beer on tap. I know there's a lot more places now....

But Gomer's is a good idea. They're pretty large.....

Nacho Libre was pretty good. Pretty goofy. I would totally suggest renting or going to a dollar movie. If you're up for a silly comedy (it's produced by Nickelodeon) by all means, see it! I think I'll hold out for The D. It's supposed to open sometime this year....

Aaron said...

New Beligium Update:

I went to Red-X this weekend on my way down to the river. They had all flavors of New Belgium beer - including the seasonal.