Friday, June 02, 2006

MS 150 - HERE I COME!!!

So I did it. I signed up for the MS 150 with my mom. I will be biking across Missouri September 10-12. 150 miles. 2 days. 1 bike.

Holy Crap.

When i first started riding and convinced my mom to do this with me, I thought "No sweat! I'm not going to be one of those crazy bike people with all the gear and wondering if i could take Lance Armstrong's place as the lead of the Discovery Team....
I thought it would be easy, fun, and laid back! I mean, people ride cruisers, mountain bikes, track bikes, double bikes - ANY bikes, and ANY ages! When my mom made protests about how she wasn't ready to ride this ride, I told her not to worry! I said even if we only did 30 miles per day, i would be happy about that!

But now i'm not so sure. I REALLY want to finish the ride, and get a metal! I REALLY want to get into some hard core biking shape like my friend, Rhiannon! I want to do at least 50 miles per day!!!

But what I want and what is my ablitiy are 2 different things.

So the ride breaks down like this:
In the morning you start out and ride your bike.
there are rest stations every 5 miles where you can take a drink and eat a schnack provided for you
you ride until you either get to the camp, or until the wagon picks you up to TAKE you to camp!
then you camp overnight.
the next morning you repeat the same thing.
but you can only get a medal if you finish on the second day.

So I've been nervous lately that i won't be able to even RIDE 30 miles a day! My plan is to be able to ride and take breaks every 3 stops, which is about 15 mile intervals. My mom said this is what she did when she first did the ride at age 36!!! We'll see if i can actually do it at age 28. Although i'm doubtful.....

Right now I get pooped at 10 miles! GEEZ!!!

But i've got to keep truckin' - even if i've made a grave mistake! And who knew that biking was such a costly sport?! you can't just buy a bike and start riding! GOD FORBID!!! But you have to invest in tons of little gadgets that are actually necessary!

Well, i'm not going to submit to the dominant bikadigm! I'm going to ride my bike MY way! I will probably be the most ghetto rider out there! Amazingly enough, i found a website that sells a Cutters t-shirt i just might buy for the big ride!!!

So dispite my growing apprehensions - I need some sponsors for this ride. I have to raise $200. I'm going to try and find out if i have an online donations web page, and all that good stuff. Maybe i'll have josh set something up for me - but for now - i'll keep you posted.

By the way - Heather got me thinking about some good workout music, so I thought i might ask away at some of your favorite tunes! i have to create a LONG playlist for my ride, and i really need music with a fast beat to keep me going! Any suggestions?


locomocos said...

is anyone having problems posting pictures today?

caffeinator_x said...

I'm having a hard time posting anything today! (ACTUALLY, all week... but that's just because of writer's block)

You know what a great training excercise is? A BOOZE CRUISE - no, I'm not kidding - me and you. And, oh, I guess Josh can come... Mrs.That can be his date... or the LUSHride, june 24th...


If I was a secret agent, I'd kick your ass to KISS YA LIPS, by IAN BROWN

If I was a state championship cheerleader, I'd kick your ass to I GO TO WORK, by COOL MOE DEE. And then I'd play w/ my boobies.

jason said...

eye of the tiger by survivor....a must have.

heather said...

I have always wanted to do one of the extended walks/bikes for charity. I had signed up a couple years to do the Train to End Stroke, which was a 1/2 marathon in Hawaii. I figured I'd have ALOT of trouble getting sponsorhip for $4K for travel expenses, so I never went through with it.

As far as good workout music.... Destiny's Child "Survivor" is pretty good to workout to. I usually stick to hip-hop beats for workout music...its keeps the pace up. Another tune (non hip-hop) for an anger releasing workout would be Limp Bizkit's "One of Those Days" ---"It's all about the he said she said bullshit..."

This and That said...

First's Kool Moe Dee..and yes, that song kicks ass. I am of the industrial/house generation so that gets me going...old 1989 Moby is always getting me in the kick ass, work out/go dancing mood (I don't work out), but put in a little Prodigy!!! yes, 'Smack my Bitch Up' rocks. Back in the day I also loved anything off of NIN 'Pretty Hate Machine' that was fast.

As far as going on the BOOZE cruise, you go Caff X...if we get a babysitter I will be off to the gay clubs for a Pride Weekend Fiesta :)

Mom said...

I was 37 my first year and rode up to 44. If I can do it, anyone can do it. You know my favorite line "HARD WORK + DETERMINATION = SUCCESS"

Amber said...

So, is this on the Katy Trail? Are you going to end up in St. Louis? Details, woman!

locomocos said...

heck yes on the booze cruize!!!

heck yes on Moby! i completely forgot about my early 90s albums!

and some good hip hop? i think i will have to agree. I am liking Missy Elliot quite a bit these days - maybe i can take her along with me!

i'm not sure where we'll end up on the trail....i'll find out...!

Paul said...

Run Lola Run soundtrack= Bike Lady Bike!

Amber said...

Good one Paul. I could make you a cd, if you like. Cassie....

Aaron said...

Bad Religion - Let it burn.