Thursday, June 15, 2006

I blow.

Unfortunately I am too busy to blog! I am actually WORKING!!!


Oddly enough - i've been noticing other bloggers slacking a little as well....

What's up? Is it because it's summer and everyone is outside? If you were a TRUE blogger, you would probably take your laptop out with you while you enjoy the sun on your bike, scooter, boat, roller coaster, what have you.

I, of course, am not.

So I was thinking of:

The TOP 5 THINGS I WANT TO DO THIS SUMMER. (Sorry Aaron - I'm not trying to steal your top 5 lists - I'll come up with some good quizzes soon!)

5. Go Camping and Hiking in San Isabel National Forest (Bishop's Castle, dood!)

4. Midwest Tour 2006!!! (includes Family Reunion, MS150, Maybe High School Reunion, Greg's 30th b-day - and maybe some R&R in St. Louis if I can!)

3. Go to Lakeside (which i've never been - so it had better be good!)

2. have a weekend of rafting and hot springs!!!

1. Have phenomenal cookouts the rest of the summer at my house!!!

Anyone game? If anyone in or out of town would like to sign up to do any of these wonderful Summer Adventure Series 2006 - let me know! It would be AWESOME if I got to hang with some of yous!!!

I have to get back to work. Slave to the Grind. Grrr.....

I know some of you have mentioned it - as well as accomplished your Summer Adventure Seriew already, but what are your plans for the remaining summer?


MrDanger said...

ok the todo list seems ok until I hit "go to lakeside".
Might I suggest that "You" ride the chipmonk !

caffeinator_x said...

Mr. D (above) and I took our kids (his and mine - he's my manwife, but our spouses don't let us share custody) to Lakeside... you must go - WHITETRASH WONDERLAND! - at night, it has this total Scooby-doo, haunted themepark feel.

Ditto for me on the camping / hiking - I'm thinking the Sand Dunes and the UFO Watchtower

and cruising of course

locomocos said...

Caff -
do you do that ride on Weds? I remember someone talking about it through random riders - but alas. Josh's back has been giving him problems, so i am a lone cruiser as of now.

Would you like to go next Wednesday? I would gladly meet up with you somewhere and ride down to Paris with you.

what about the booze cruise? is that next weekend?

Aaron said...

Are you seriously thinking of going to the high school reunion? I saw Liver the other day and she tried to con me into going. I was able to escape without giving her my address.

I'm with ya on the camping, hiking and rafting. Let me know when you're going.

Nothing is sacred in bloggerville anymore Cas. Philwax did a top 5 list not too long ago. I'll just start doing a quiz from time to time.

caffeinator_x said...

Weds 21st? I'm in!

I live on the far side of the city from you, so I can swing by and we can ride down together!

I'll email you Mon/Tues

S E E Quine said...

` I've been busy, too, hanging out with people and whatever. In fact, I'm about to leave for a beach party!
` Well, I've put up new posts on both blogs recently, so I feel much less like I'm slacking.
` Also, I've been using the internet for other things besides blogging, so it's tough...
` Anyway, gotta go.

This and That said...

I am down for some good cookouts. I just got a great margarita recipe I need to try!
If you go to the San Isabel forest you have to check out that crazy house/mansion/shrine...etc that some ecentric guy has been building for years. It is CRAZY! And open to the public. Forgot the name...
I would definitely do the Sand Dunes when it isnt so hot.

My list that I just came up with is simple:

start (and stay doing) yoga...or some more exercise

convince the hubby his car is a piece and we need a newer one

stop going away on conferences/trips and spend more time with the familia and friends

and finally just to enjoy summer and chill the hell out!