Monday, November 28, 2005

'Tis the Season

This is the time of year when many people are setting up Christmas decorations, celebrating XMas, and eating ridiculous amounts of food. But what about those of us who are different? What about those of us who practice a different religion? What's out there we can turn to since we are so jaded by society and shopping?

Not to worry.
Festuvus - A Holiday for the Rest of Us.

What is Festivus?
Who celebrates
Didn't Cassie send me an ecard
last year?

Yes my friends, let us gather around the pole this year, air our grievences, and eat comfort food. But no tinsel. It's distracting.


jason said...

That site is hilarious. I like the fact that the aluminium pole symbolizes nothing. Now, on to the feats of strength.

Aaron said...

This thing sounds like it came from a seinfeld episode.

locomocos said...

did the picture of Kramer give it away, or did you actually read any of the links i posted?

i think you and Jason should do the feats of strength

Anonymous said...

Why, my family does the Airing of Grievances every year anyway. Of course, they have no idea what Festivus is....and it's only aimed at me!


Aaron said...

Duh, just because it was ON seinfeld doesn't mean it's FROM seinfeld. Best i could tell those guys weren't original about much.

I'm going to name my son Festus.

jason said...

I'm going to name my son accident....that should give him a healthy complex.

S E E Quine said...

` Haaa! Where do you find this stuff? This is so cool - I guess I'll celebrate a holiday this year after all!