Monday, November 14, 2005

Let's get serious for just a moment

So as most of you know, I went on an interview last Friday. Since I was in town, Amber came in from St. Louis and A-ron came in from Gladstone to come hang out with little ole me – in order to find out how my interview went.

Well, the interview went fine.
The company was great.
The perspective boss was great.
The issues were thus:

The owner was not nice. To translate, I mean he was kinda jerky, and his office would be right next to my design areas
I interview with a guy named Frank who turned out to be a friggin’ psychologist who asked me ‘What is your favorite tool?’ and ‘What do you have to say about the font you used on your resume?’. They didn’t tell me he was a shrink, and they also didn’t tell me why I needed to take an aptitude test after already completing 3 personality tests before I flew out there. He also concluded that I identified more with my mother than my father, and that I was in the right field of work. WOW. That’s a doosey. Especially since he only talked with me for an hour. Good thing he can read people so well.
They didn’t talk money. Katherine said this is usually normal, and Don agreed that they will probably discuss this over email if they are interested.

I found it all very odd, and very disappointing. I aced this interview. Too bad the company is weirdo. I think if they really liked me, they would’ve offered me something while I was there. My mom thinks they want a Johnson County girl who is blonde, 100 lbs and doesn’t have an email address with a muppet name at an all grrl magazine.

Okay. So maybe next job I apply at, I will get a gmail account. But C’MON!!!! I’m in the landscaping business people!!! They asked how many tons of rock I could move in an hour, and when I asked them if they meant now, or back when I was in the field, they didn’t even crack a smile!!!!

I’m sad. I’m frustrated. I’m disappointed. I built this up so much, but as it turns out, I don’t think I can work for a stuffy corporation. That’s why I went into landscaping to begin with. I relate better with people who aren’t necessarily so PC, people who curse, and people who go to the girlie bars after the company softball game!!!

I’ll bring it down a notch, and pull a Jerry Springer -
Moment of Reflection:
I’m completely confident in my abilities to accept this job. I wasn’t stretching ANY of my qualifications. I am actually a good catch when it comes to perspective employers. Maybe this interview gave me the well needed confidence boost to realize that I DO have what it takes to get flown to a city for a job interview. I DO have a great personality that shines under pressure. I DON’T want to fit a mold, and I LIKE the type of person I am. Any company would be GLAD to have me.

Thank you BT for wanting me to move in with you and letting me crash your hot tub party. Thank you Katherine, Tom and Don for making me understand how bigger corporations execute job interviews, and that I’m not crazy. Thank you Amber and A-ron for making me feel tons better about my situation – and I’m happy you don’t want me to give up and keep applying for jobs in your area. Especially thank you to my mom and dad who never doubted me for a second. (especially thank you mom for making me the layered pumpkin cake so I’d feel better).

And now – I will concentrate my work and quit fucking around!


S E E Quine said...

` Aw, man! It was important enough for him to figure out that you identified with your mother, etc? How could that possibly be important?

` Weirdos. *HUGS!!!*

` Man, what is WRONG with people? Man, I think if they did that to me, they'd probably explode when they realized how eager I was to answer their stupid questions in the first place.
` I like to mess with people's heads. >;D

Amber said...

I know you won't give up. It was great hanging out with you this weekend. I hope we can do it again soon.
I know you'll find the place you want. And I don't think things are that bad in Denver for you, right? I mean you can hold there until you find the right place, I think. It'll happen. Until then you just have to keep looking.

BT said...

You can crash any hot tub party of mine any time, Cassie. It was great getting to visit with you. (even though I am tired as all hell from staying up to talk you, Amber and Tom)

You also have a room at the house as long as I have a room open (there may be a room open for a while, since I am getting more picky about people I am willing to rent to). Keep looking for a good fit that pays you what you are worth (or even better, more than that!) so that you can get your happy ass out here!

Mom said...

I am glad you liked the cake and impressed you found the picture of it....

Aaron said...

Seriously Cas. Get out and see the world, or at least some poor village in Central America. Do it NOW before you get too old!

locomocos said...

are you cracking old jokes already?


i've only been gone for 2 days and already i'm getting shit about my age!!!!

Too bad Jason and Jade didn't get to come into town for the weekend!

Aaron said...

Believe me, I'm not cracking jokes. Would you rather sit around the house when you're older and be pissed about the stuff you didn't do?