Thursday, November 17, 2005

Ode to Easy Mac

I’m sure everyone has had Kraft Easy Mac. If you haven’t, you are really missing out. This is a WONDERFUL product! It comes in a little snack packet, that is perfect size for lunch or a snack. All you do is add water and pop it into the microwave for 4 minutes! Seriously! Why haven’t they thought of this before? I love Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dinner anyway – but I don’t like eating leftovers. Blech. So the perfect solution to that age old problem, “I want fresh Kraft Macaroni and Cheese while I’m at work (or at home) but I can’t cook it. What is to be done?”
Well, the old answer was either bring a small container of leftovers from last night, or suffer. Personally, I would choose the latter – but now I don’t have to! I get the perfect portion, fresh, and fast!!

What you didn’t know about this wonderful invention, is that if you’re still hungry or the portion isn’t big enough – there’s directions on the package of how to cook 2 packages at 1ce!!! Now personally, this is a bit too much for me. If I’m feeling a little extra hungry, I eat a side salad (usually $1 from Wendy’s) or I even bring a can of tuna, to make tuna-mac! As I understand, a few of you (a-ron) like to put peas and sausages in the mac, too. You know, those are items easily bagged and brought with you There are endless possibilities for Easy Mac!

I think the best thing I like about Easy Mac, is of course the short time it takes to make, and that there are only 3 steps – which hardly constitutes as cooking.

1. Empty contents into bowl
2. Add Water
3. Heat

The easiest, cheesiest schnack on this side of the Equator!

Just look at this guy -------------------->
He is so in love with Easy Mac, he can't even WAIT 4 minutes!!!!

But cereally – if there is another quick and easy cheesy meal, feel free to let me know about it! I’m always game to finding a quick and easy snack! Especially one that tastes so good.


Amber said...

Tasty Bites
They have them at World Market, Trader Joe's
and they actually have flavor and a touch of spice, unlike (blech)macandplasticheese

Aaron said...

You guys need to get a taste of my macaroni surprise! It will make you think twice about your leftover assertion.

So, what exactly is in mac surprise? Well...that's the surprise!

Amber said...

is it pigs in a blanket?

josh said...

You wrote me an email with a pic of easy mac. That got me to go to 711 and get some myself. In spite of your praises, I found it kind of nasty. One of my co-workers pretended to gag when he saw it. It wasn't that bad though. One thing that I didn't realize when buying the product; you need a measuring cup! Now in my book, that crosses the line into cooking, and we don't have a measuring cup at my work. I still have a few more mac and cheese packets so I will give it another try today. Perhaps I guessed wrong on how much water I was putting in it.

The pic of the guy and the microwave is cool.

Amber said...

Go to World Market, hell, Wild Oats probably has them too. BUY TASTY BITES! Especially if you like Indian food. They are awesome. And you can get the whole meal kind with the rice, and it comes with a little plastic thing to put the food in, utensils and napkin. You can eat them hot or cold. Good for camping too.
I can't say enough good things about these, unless you just prefer the bland, plastic taste of velveeta and stale pasta, try it.

locomocos said...

Tasty Bites is duly noted. I shall go out and buy some for lunches and test the waters (unless they're too spicy)...

but i find your opinions on Easy Mac are null and void - due to the conclusion that you don't like Mac and Cheese anyway.

Personally i detest Velveeta, and prefer Kraft ONLY (no generics) but i think all mac and cheese lovers would agree that this is a wonderous invention (or at LEAST a pretty good idea...)

But Amber, i find with your picky palette, i won't be posting about ANY food you'll find acceptable anytime soon.....

And like PICKLES!!!!


And Josh -
you don't have to use a measuring cup at all. Just add enough water to cover your mac noodles, and if you need more to create the cheese sause, add a little extra. Just use a little bit of the Spice Weasle, say 'BAM' and move on with your lunch!!!

heather said...

I'm pretty much a Velveeta girl and detest the 'powdered'version of ANY brand. I think it has something to do with eating a bunch before a huge drinking binge and spending the rest of the night puking mac & cheese (sorry for the visual!) But I'll admit my kids are getting old enough to cook somethings from themselves. So far on the list of their specialities....chicken nuggets, hot dogs, & Easy Mac ----not all at the same time though!! Although, that might have given Aaron another Mac Surprise combination!!!

S E E Quine said...

` EZ? Hah! I prefer picking apart those big, round Kohlrabi and dipping them in some kind of sauce I might randomly make. It's a lot of work, but it focuses the mind.

Aaron said...

Spoony...are you talking about eating, or something else that involves big, round kohlrabi?