Wednesday, November 16, 2005

This could be mine.....

So since my unfortunate let-down of the prospective job in KC, i have had to make some hard choices.

Basically, with encouragement from A-ron and my mom, i have decided to go back to school for my masters degree. I would like to combine getting my masters with spending some time with The Peace Corps. Everyone reading has probably heard me speak of The Peace Corps since i got out of school, but now i think i'm ready to do it.

I had a 5 year plan when i got out of CSU. In 5 years, i wanted to have enough experience under my belt to start my own landscaping company. The interview i recently went on showed me that i have what it takes to do this. But my restlessness wasn't consoled by this discovery. i realized that while i have the time, initiative as well as the experience needed for when i come back, i need to make things happen instead of just talking about them.

"Get busy living, or get busy dying. That's goddamned right."

So i have set in motion for finding out more about the Peace Corps International Masters Program. As it turns out, one of the only places to get this masters in Agriculture is - you guessed it - CSU. Looks like if i get acceppted to this program, i'll be right back up at The Fort where i fought so long and hard to get out of. At least i'll get in-state tuition!

I don't anticipate even starting until Fall 2006 semester. i have to pull up my GPA and apply at least 6 months in advance. i've definatley got some work ahead of me. I will do 1 year of classes at CSU, and 1 year of field work. Sounds like fun - even when i think about living in a hut and wiping my ass with a rock.

Wish me luck!


Amber said...

I can't believe after staying up all night with you, you never talk to me about any of this!
Let me just say one thing, Tom's brother joined the PeaceCorp. He wanted to be in SE Asia, he's in Mozambique. He had a 3 week crash course in Portuguese because that's what they primarily speak and he's teaching Biology down there, he's had to create his own text book. I think he really like it. He hasn't been home for over a year. They don't pay for you to go home and visit family or anything. His parents paid for him to come home for 2 weeks this Christmas.
Pretty crazy shit, Cassie, if you're so far away for two or more years like that.
I wouldn't want to discourage you if that's what you really want. But just make sure they are totally up front before you consider it.

Aaron said...

Good Luck Cas!

Mr. Dufresne had it right. It appears as if your proverbial 'Tommy' has been killed, and it's time for you to make good on your previous plans.

I hope it works out for you. And I hope you end up loving the toughest job you'll ever have.

That's just my opinion, I could be wrong.

Aaron said...

I like the title picture on your blog. Yours and mine make the other blogs look so....childish.

jason said...

I prefer "utilitarian" to "childish".

Denny said...

I am so glad you are taking charge and doing this Cassinator. You are going to do great.

S E E Quine said...

` Sounds like fun, actually. Just think of all the wonderful tropical diseases you could die of!