Sunday, February 07, 2016

Moving to the USA

Hey friends and family!  We are finally moving back to the good ole USA!

Our upcoming schedule is as thus:
March 3 - Arrive in North Carolina
March 10 - Go to Nashville to visit my dad!
March 24 - Go to Kansas City to spend Easter with mom
March 31-April 4 - Austin Peace Corps Reunion
April 5 - Move into The View KCK
April 5-August 2016 - Have a rawkin summer in KC!  Please come party with us in the only unopen bar scene on Strawberry Hill
August 2016-August 2018 TBD location of Anthony's first evar teaching position as a real live spanish teacher (Cassie will be sittin on the couch eatin bon bons - just kidding - grad school in agroforestry - fingers crossed)

Come on down and have some fun with Cassie and Anthony!  I can't wait!

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