Monday, January 08, 2007

It ain't over till it's over - Movie Review #4561875

I have decided to take a cue from Planetdan and categorize my movie reviews – whether they are videos or new releases in the theatre. Here Goes:

Rocky Balboa
Rating: *****
Why I went to see it: I like Rocky movies (although I never saw Rocky V)
What I had heard before viewing: heard it was supposed to be him as an old underdog again
My initial thoughts: I was not excited to see this, but there was nothing else showing
What I thought about it:
I liked it. I liked it better than that one with Mr. T! Apollo Creed getting killed by that Russian had nothing compared to this last chapter!
Although the outcome of the fight itself was a little predicable, the movie up till that point made you root for Rocky, the 60 year old underdog, once again. Not only did the Rocky theme song make me enjoy the training montage just as much as the first one – I was actually more impressed in his physical training than before, BECAUSE HE IS FRICKIN” 60!!!! More than this, you can identify with where he is in his life why he wants to get back into the ring whether you’re 26 or 66.
I was inspired yet again, and came out with a warm fuzzy from the theatre. And isn’t that reason enough to see this movie?
Well just go back to killing people’s dreams with logic then!!!



Anonymous said...

If I ever get a chance to go see an adult movie (meaning one without an animated animal) I will definitely see this. I have really fond memories of the first 3 and that soundtrack. Gives me the same goosebumps as John Williams' Superman and Star Wars themes. He lost me after 4. All that I have read is that it is a fitting finale for the franchise. ( that was some alliteration!)

Once we get the Superman discs back (ted lent them to his dad) we will have the Superman bad movie night)...aka Superman 4.

locomocos said...

Thanks Dad!

Read about the Rocky Statue!