Friday, January 12, 2007

Technology WHY?

The Onion

Cell-Phone TV?

Verizon Wireless announced that it will soon offer TV service over its cell-phone network. What do you think?

Funny - yet raises a rant!

Why do we need this technology? Is it just there to say that we CAN? If TVs are getting bigger, slimmer, and better picture, why are we also making them smaller and portable?

Josh wants the new iPhone which is an iPod, computer, and phone all in one. You thought that was a blackberry, right? You forgot the iPod part. So you can apparently talk to mom, play solitare, and listen to some Black Eyed Peas while driving to work.

Now you can watch TV? Yikes.

But the question remains - do we really need all this technology at our fingertips? Is it really making life easier - or just more gadgets to spend our money on? I say hooray for technology, but do I really want the average gadget geek to be watching videos while driving his SUV in rush hour? Just like having a TV on your dashboard!!! What happened to listening to a baseball game on the radio so you can pay attention to the little station wagon stuck in the dark ages trying to get to work in your blind spot!!!


Am I being too harsh? Does it really matter what gadget can do what? Not really. No wonder more kids have ADD!!! Not being stimulated by PSP, iPhones, or Wii would sure make me bored in math class!!!

I guess I'll just move up to the mountains, live like a hermit, and cry. Or maybe I'll just make the personal choice not to purchase an iRobot when they come out. At least I won't have to fear them when they revolt.


locomocos said...

I take it back. I guess i would buy a robot if it were fully functional

Josh said...

OH OH, IRobot! I want one! I want one!
maybe it could go out and have fun for me while I relax in the comfort of my own home.

Paul said...

Oh! If I had a "fully functional" iRobot, I don't think I'd leave the comfort of my own bed!

caffeinator_x said...

A hearty "HELL YEEEAH!" to this post. I'm currently in the midst of a new job search, so I (Missus) decided it would be wise to get a cell phone... I quite simply cannot STAND the little bugger!

this that said...

I just don't understand the desire to have a small TV screen on a phone. You can't see the damn thing. It's like people who get the smallest (and most expensive) laptops. Sure they are easier to carry, but you can't see things well. Same with TV's. I still like the bigger is better concept. Yes Ted I am a true size queen!!

And need a phone so stop giving me grief about it.

2 Dollar Productions said...

I know where you're coming from as at some point everything will turn into the equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife.

Some of it's nice to have, but few things are a must have.

That being said, I'll have to investigate this new iphone at little further to see if I need one or not. Ha.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that another company has the patent for the name 'iphone'. I heard Apple is suing them. I get disgusted when people call my mp3 player an 'ipod'. If they want a cutesy name for it they can call it a 'Zen'.

I must weigh in on the smartphone issue. I have recently acquired the best smartphone on the market (definitely not the iphone), and am enjoying every minute of its use. I won't say much because I'm going to post about it, but I will say that smartphones are things you didn't know you needed until you got one.

Dad D said...

Cassie, Quit ranting about the technology. You're showing your age!!

Anonymous said...

I'm making this comment from aforementioned device. I'm not in the desert, but I could be.


this that said...

now if it can serve you up a cappuccino (or water if in the desert) than I would be impressed.

Anonymous said...

` Greetings from sunny California!!

` Y'know, I don't even have a TV!! Cass, wanna come to Washington and we can move to the mountains away from everyone?

Anonymous said...

I never knew you were such a Luddite. You know, for the record - I know you personally own an iPod, cell phone, DVD player - none of these things do you NEED, it's nice to have them though, isn't it?

jason said...

I just read an article about tech-no's....people who choose not to embrace being "plugged in" 24-7. The article said that some of these people were ridiculed by their choices....which just goes to show how some people just can't stand it for others to be different. The article also mentioned that in the near future, it would probably be considered hip to not be a slave to technology. Myself, I'm on the fence on this one. I do enjoy my electronic gadgets, but one has to say "enough is enough" at some point. Recently, I've taken to telling people....yeah, I have a cell makes phone calls. That's one aspect that drives me nuts. How many bells and whistles to you have to have on a freakin' phone? I can understand that some business people need web functionality and email on their phone...but most people just get these accessory to look cool. I alrady hate cell phones as it is......not their function (which is priceless), but the lack of ettiquette that 99% of people with cell phones exhibit. For aren't allowed to have ringers on in movie theaters...but everytime I go I either see people whispering into their phones or the white glow of the screen as they text message. I mean, c'mon....if you're going to pay the price, at least pay attention to the movie. Let alone the fact that they are interrupting my viewing experience that I paid hard earned money for. I see this trend just getting worse. I imagine that I will soon see people watching movies on their phone, while they are sitting in the movie theater watching another movie...and that's just sad.

Laura said...

I am with you on technology, Cassie. I have always been a fan of the geeks using their geek powers to create new and fun things to play with but c'mon... do we really need this many gadgets? My cell phone is a camera, MP3 Player, phone of course and is capable of displaying movies if they are in an acceptable format. So far, I only use the phone part (and the occasional camera part). Thanks to my dad I now have a new MP3 Player (Zen) and have absolutely no use for the baby MP3 Player on my phone. I think the more products people come up with the more crap people are going to buy to fill in their social time. Soon I will have to text my boyfriend sitting on the couch right next to me so that we can talk... or wait, texting is becoming out dated. Soon, I'll have to send him an email using my TV/Phone/DVR/DVD/Radio/MP3 Player/4.0 Pixel Camera/Wii/PSP/Navigational System. Can't Wait!!!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes its not the product that is important, it is the technology, the research, the ability to do something that is more important for other uses. However, turning this new found technology into iphone is of course more enterprising but there must be other outlets for this technology that is more useful than a mere showoff.
If that makes any sense at all