Tuesday, October 03, 2006

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Instead of being lazy and quoting a bunch of Onion articles, I took to posting some Mental Floss!

How to swear like an old prospector
Now that swearing like a pirate has jumped the shark, isn’t it time we exhumed another subgenre of anachronistic curse words? To save us all from another “scurvy dogs” joke — one more and I will walk the bloody plank — I humbly propose replacing all naughty pirate jargon with crusty old-prospector talk, which is just as colorful, if not more expletive-laced. But this time, let’s be smart about it — nerdy, even — and figure out from whence they came before we start throwing them around willy-nilly. To that end, here are my top five old prospector curses, and their respective, only slightly questionable, etymologies:


Completely ridiculous invention for couch potatoes!
The Recline of Western Civilization
Finally, it’s the innovation couch potatoes have been waiting for: Sleeves on a blanket! (Otherwise known as a Slanket.) Whether it’s reaching for the remote, holding a book, or typing on your laptop, the slanket makes sure you can function at optimal lethargy levels while staying all toasty. It’s available here for a cool $55

The only thing that makes more sense than a gun/guitar
That’s right, it’s a cooking range/chair
. I don’t know… it actually looks kind of fun from the pics, and the perfect gadget for keeping your seat toasty in the winter. And I’m sure it’d be a big hit in closet-size apartments the world over (fire hazard issues aside). Click here to read more. Link via Popgadget.

I had to do it. I had to Google the Gun/Guitar. I'm glad to see it comes with or without tuners - contingent on personal style of course. I love options.....


Anonymous said...

` I wish those words weren't so dumbfungled.
` You know, I always wished I had a slanket because I sometimes feel super-cold! Instead, I just wear my robe backwards. Right now, I have the oven on to heat the apartment because we don't have central heating.
` Also, I'd be a bit scared to sit on that chair....

` Man, those are some crazy things you have come across! Well guess what? The top two entries in SWASB are full of crazy things that I've found in real life - and took more-disturbing-than-usual pics of! Just to warn you.

Aaron said...

That blanket with sleeves is the laziest thing I've ever seen.

Years from now people will have a 'talk like a redneck' day.

caffeinator_x said...

Hey!... that Slanket was invented here in Colorado... the guy who did it is a regular on the Weds. nite cruiser ride.

I THINK that's actually him in the pic.

Jay Graves said...

I just wanted to drop a line about the Slanket. The guy who created it is indeed here in Denver. You can find him at www.jeffclegg.com He is a regular on the Wed. cruiser ride but that is not him in the picture. That is me :) I am also a regular on Cruiser Night.

Since the Slanket I have become an international male model. You can see evidence of that from this pic in a Ukraine magazine :)