Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Art Wing VS. Old Lucas Concept

So, As many of you who live in Denver may know, this weekend is the grand opening of the new wing at the Denver Art Museum. I have never been to the art museum, and although I am dating a painter, this seems to bother me less and less each day, as I think about more important things, such as if they will ever find the cure to MS and whether Clark Kent and Lana Lang will ever get together during high school....

But what propels me to discuss the art museums is the upcoming opening this weekend. I really want to go! I was listening to Colorado Matters on Colorado Public Radio and they will be doing interviews with the architecht, Daniel Libeskind. I listened to the director of the art museum today, and found myself trying to look at the building in a different light. I am not convinced about it, but I'm willing to open my mind to 'Art' and try to see it differently.

Differently than what, you ask?
Well my friends, for the last 2 years, I have been under the firm belief that the architect, Daniel Libeskind, is a dutch Star Wars fanatic.
Looking at the photo of his newest design, do you notice any similarities to any structures in Star Wars? Any at all?
How about MOVING structures?
Well for many moons now, I have compaired the unfinished product to a sandcrawler.
A what? Why? What's the significance? I DON'T KNOW!!!!
But lets examine the evidence, shall we?

Sandcrawlers are huge treaded fortresses used by Jawas as transportation and shelter. The sand-pitted vehicles, many meters in height, are equipped with a magnetic suction tubes for sucking droids and scrap into their cargo chambers.

The new wing on the museum is a huge treated fortress used by puny humans as housing for other precious artifacts into the cargo chambers.

Apart from the technical data - let's take a look at asthetics. Do you see anything to connect the two ideas? George Lucas wanted an old mining transport used to infer that Jawas were scavengers and traders which were housed inside, impermiable to Tuscan Raiders.
Daniel Libeskind was looking for something as phenominal as the opera house in Sydney, Austrailia - to infer an identity for Denver, which will withsand the test of timelessness in architecture.

Let's ask the readers?
Do you agree?
Will this sandcrawler-esque art wing hold up over a period of say, 30 years, as opposed to the sandcrawler, which is timeless?
Only TIME will tell.
But until then, I will hold my judgment a few weeks longer, before I decide. But what I do know, is that with all the scrambling of the city officals to actually FIND Denver's identity and give it a voice, I think they need a lot more than a couple of bad sculptures and fancy new buildings to put it's name back on the map.

As for me, I believe the sandcrawler will only ever be my first love.

It's simplicity reminds me of a time less confusing, and trading a whole helluva lot easier before imperial stormtroopers were around to fuck it all up.

Heavy sigh.......


Josh said...

I like it, I reminds me of a regular sky scraper that got all crumbled up. its taking the mundane and taring it apart and reassembling it to make it new again. The thing that i hate about it is that they built this cool thing and then they built a giant parking garage right in front of it! WTF? You will never get to see the view of that picture because there is currently a ugly parking garage about ten feet from the dam thing! A building like that needs a little space so you can see it, which it had, until they purposefully built the parking garage there!

This and That said...

I think it reminds me of Superman's home that appears through the ice by the magic of a green boomerang crystal...where he got it on with Lois and discovered at the sex wasn't worth losing the powers. I can't wait to see the inside. The museum is usually free on saturdays so we always use to go with the kiddos.will have to check it out again. No way do you have a star wars plantholder. where do I get one?

Paul said...

I read somewhere that Daniel Libeskind wanted the new museum wing to look like it was inspired by the Rocky Mountains. I can see the resemblance except our mountains aren't clad in titanium. He must have been channeling a Cartier-clad fur trader. Anywho, the art museum is literally going to be open for 36 hours! They're going to have shows, DJs, exhibits, presentations for the next three days. Apparently, people are going to be camping out in lines like at the premiere of Star Wars. Josh, they're actually going to wrap the dumb parking garage in a highrise also designed by Libeskind. You can see what it'll look like here:

This and That said...

yeah...I heard that the Rocky Mts were his inspiration but I don't see it either. Maybe he drops acid before he 'creates'. But it is cool for Denver. I would love to show up at 4am and see who is there. Drove past it today and there were blockades and trucks everywhere getting ready.

Aaron said...

It looks better than the new addition at the Nelson. The new buildings down there look like metal pole barns.

The new Denver building also reminds me of Superman's house.

Anonymous said...

` I don't think it will last long against the Tuscan Raiders....