Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Math Problem




Paul said...

2 + 2 = 4

This and That said...

I would have to be drunk to go to a Star Trek Convention so that equation works on me too.

2 Dollar Productions said...

That kind of math sounds like the best possible way to tackle such an event and make it the best possible time.

Thanks for putting up the previous post in written form too as it took me too long to get back to it, but I did know #2,3,6,7 and 9 for the record.

I thought I would do bettter, but there were some tough ones.

Aaron said...

Cas, the 'Star Trek Experience' was probably the coolest thing I did in Vegas.

It was totally interactive. If you've never done it, I shouldn't give it away.

BUT, if you go to Vegas and it's still going on, you can't leave without doing it. It's worth every penny.

I'm not really that fond of Star Trek, but I was definitely impressed.

Anonymous said...

` This and That: It's not a Star Trek Convention: it's an EXPERIENCE! It's really cool because when you're lining up and about to go in, you think it's just going to be another virtual ride... but... then things get complicated and you're being chased by Klingons and stuff!
` It's really cool - although the whole time-travel thing doesn't make any logical sense.

` BTW, I went there when TSTE first opened (I was seventeen) and I was talking to this guy dressed as some random Klingon named Motag and later on I heard my insane dad (who I was forced to constantly prove my sanity to) say to his brother; "I'm not sure, but I think... I think she knew he wasn't really a Klingon!"
` I just about collapsed in exasperation, and that alone cancelled out any fun I'd had that day.

` So: Star Trek Experience + My Insane Dad = 0

Aaron said...

No Spoony, your dad's zero to your power of ten equals nothing at all.

This and That said...

I just read your post seeqine and no disrespect but it certainly sounds like something you would expect at a convention. but like I am sure I have stated my only 'experiences' with Star Trek is a paralyzing 24 hour marathon I was forced to watch because my cheap ass boyfriend in high school didn't want to pay for prom and then many years ago when caffx and I decided to go on a lark to a Denver convention and Richard Hatch from Battlestar Gallactica judged a dance contest. Oh...and some guy at a club staring me down and coming over to ask me if I was related to some star from one of the series'...short hair, blonde....she played a lesbian and did those trekkies movies..caffx would know. But if it is in Vegas and we went i am sure caffx would drag me to it and I would go. (drunk)

This and That said...

I correct myself...the blonde may not have played a lesbian but actually is one...Denise___???can't I said I don't watch them. But seeing Richard Hatch drunk trying to pick up girls was worth the price of admission to the one here awhile ago.
I think you should go Cassie!!

locomocos said...

I am off, my friends! Wish me as much fun as you can!

and Caffx meant Tasha Yar aka Denise Crosby!!!

That makes me laugh even HARDER than in that picture!

jason said...

nice obscure Tull reference Aaron...Kudos. Sounds like fun. I've always been a Star Trek fan, only in moderation though.

Galtron said...

` Aha! This is true, Aaron!

` ...This and That: What sounds like you would expect it at a convention?

` I also just remembered one thing which may be interesting: You can mess with the characters during the STE! I didn't, but this one young kid did:
` After the part where we were 'falling' down the 'TurboLift' shaft on our way to the 'escape shuttle', the Star Trek crew guy said; 'Is everyone alright?' and the kid said 'I think my arm is broken!' and he said 'It looks fine to me. I think we have a fibber!'
` I don't know why, but I thought it was funny! He also tried to tell the janitor lady at the end our adventures in time travel, but she said "I think you've been drinking too much Yoo-Hoo!"
` I suppose that's not terribly interesting in itself, but I wonder what's the most strange thing the actors have ever heard from people - especially something a canned response could not cover! I wonder how well they fared?

` This is why, Cassie, I double-dog-dare you to say something clever to them! See what happens! ...And then go next door to Quark's bar and get drunk on Romulan Ale! Or try a Black Hole or one of those Sunspot things....
` And don't let him or the other Ferengi trick you into buying souveniers! They're so annoying!

` Tell us if such happens!!!!

Galtron said...

Spoony what have you done?!??! Why did you use my name!? YOU ARE EVIL!!!

Anonymous said...

` Got you back! Now tell me how you used my profile, identity thief!

Not Cassie D said...

` Let's see... did he do it like this?

` Sorry for the drama, Cassie! I was going to do this on my own blog, but I forgot about it and somehow became Galtron on your blog and was like 'Crap!' So I emailed him and said 'look at Cassie's blog!'

` Hmmmmm... how the hell did he do that?