Monday, July 31, 2006

How Many Jello Shots Can I Do?

Well, I had an interesting weekend.

After my last post, I really took a hard look at my health!
I spoke with my mom, and decided I’m still in the running for the MS150. I still plan on doing 50 miles the first day, and 65 the second. ESPECIALLY the second – that way I can get a medal! So if any of you are so inclined PLEASE donate to the CAUSE! So starting Monday morning, I was going to ward off all laziness, cake, and beer! I decided to ride my bike every morning, and do a spinning class at lunch (these are new at my gym, so I’m really excited!)! I WILL eat healthy and NOT eat mass quantities of popcorn! I WILL only imbibe vodka and DIET cokes on 1 night per weekend, and drink a glass of water between each drink! (you all know I can’t give up the booze completely! I’m just making healthier drinking choices!).

So. To celebrate this decision, I ate pizza, went to a keg party, and laid around on my azz all weekend! And what a weekend it was!
I hung out with Ed on Friday night, drank booze and watched Dogma.
I went to my co-worker’s party on Saturday, and this morning ‘found out’* I did a keg stand in a skirt and wrote my name in lip gloss on one of our project manager’s chest while he was passed out on the couch. Guess I can’t deny that one…..
I sat in the air conditioner all Sunday trying to recuperate while watching the Sci-Fi channel. They were having a monster weekend. I had dreams about Frankenstein all night. Why couldn’t it have been Gary Oldman as Dracula? Geez.

Well. What’s done is done. I got up first thing this morning and rode my bike. I’ve taken my morning vitamins, and am about ready to go eat some string cheese. I believe I’m headed on the right path.

And I promise to post all pictures of me at the party if I ever see any (hopefully not).
Which reminds me to post pictures of the 4th of July! I have some really funny ones of A-ron and Jason!

* - ‘found out’ refers to the saying, “Drunk Night stays on Drunk Night”. Kinda like, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. I ‘found out’ about some of my actions by someone reminding me about them this morning. Lucky me. I put my hands over my ears and ran away singing the A,B,Cs…….

i DO have a funny picture i will post later when my internet will allow it....


Anonymous said...

I, too, have some funny ones of A-ron and Jason, but I'll leave it to Jason's discretion as to whether he wants to post them or not. Heh.


caffeinator_x said...

Did you eva know that you're my HEEEE - ROW!!?

I'm also am heading back to the gym today, after a wretched couple of weeks which have absolutely ripped the wind beneath my wings a new butthole!

I'm also going to get back into the writing habit, regardless of my inspiration level... starting with my magnum opus, a screenplay about a superhero drag queen.

(Next Summer - Justice Wears a Tiara!)

Maybe we can schedule an alcohol-free training ride sometime. Or an alcohol-laden one, on your off (on?) day.

Either way - you can do it... your groupies are all cheering you on!

today's word verification-word:


Denny said...

yabbit... How many jello shots can you do ?

Aaron said...

Did I read that right? There's a 99 cent chicken sandwich at Wendy's?

oh wait...

You did a keg stand, in a skirt, and you don't remember it? Cas, you're still in High School.

Rock on dude.

S E E Quine said...

` She can drink more when she smokes beforehand ;)

` Well, have fun riding your bike day in, day out. I have a friend who's going to do that starting tomorrow. (Unfortunately, she is missing all her bike gear because they just happened to be in her car when it was stolen!!)

2 Dollar Productions said...

I think it's a good idea to go for broke before you embark upon your health/exercise kick.

But being pretyed upon by Gary Oldman from "Dracula" is in no way a good or sexy thing.

His hair in the movie is flat-out hilarious.

locomocos said...

a-ron -
did i actually hear this from the guy who was swinging off a rope doing cannon ballz into a pool - while mooning people?

i have picture, my friend.

and i agree about going all out - but I disagree about Gary Oldman. Even with the crazy hair, he would've been 10 times better to dream about than Robert Dinero from Frankenstein!

Aaron said...

I never said you did anything bad...

I do remember the rope swing, the cannon balls, and the mooning. I hope your pictures are flattering.

This and That said...

I went on a bike date with caff x and my butt was sore for days (from the bike case your mind is in the gutter)...good luck on the ride. so when are we all getting together finally? lipgloss some friday...just let us know. I'll drink for you in case you just want water.

S E E Quine said...

` If you have problems getting pictures ONTO blogger, but not trouble having them hosted from other websites, I suggest you open an account in ImageShack or some other place that hosts pictures and simply upload them there.
` ...Or was it the computer that you're on? Then I don't know what to tell you, other than; upload pictures at, say, a library or cafe.
` I learned to upload pictures and later write a post about them, or put an html code Word Document on my CDC when I went to upload the pictures so I'd have both a post and pictures handy and only had to integrate them at the library.

S E E Quine said...

` OMG!! I just discovered that mistyping my blog's URL causes something bizzare.
` Check it out!

caffeinator_x said...

Are you guys kidding? Cas NEVER puts up any of the pics she says she's gonna put up!

"loves pictures" indeed!

Aaron said...

Hey Spoony, Cas; I much prefer photobucket to imageshack. It is much more reliable.

Alita Duplanty said...

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