Wednesday, July 19, 2006

A Class Reunion to Remember

Well, i've been getting a barrage of emails from They want me to buy a membership, upload current photos, and tell me what i've been up to - smiley face, wink wink! Apparently people are *really* interested in what i've been up to lately.

Sheea. Rrrright. And you know where the monkeys are flying from right about......NOW.

The organizer of the event (whom i had to look up in my yearbook) asked me to send in old high school photos - even if i wasn't coming.

Well, I haven't decided if I'm going or not. But i have narrowed down the selection of photos from my yearbooks.

Tell me which one you like best, and I'll forward it on to Good ole Park Hill Senior High Class of 1996 Reunion! Smiley Face, Wink Wink, Kiss, Peace Friends!

First: My Junior yearbook photo.

Please Note:
This was my favorite yearbook photo for high school. I distinctly remember thinking, "I can look past the brown roots of my hair growing out of the black box dye, but only because I'm wearing my favorite Peter Murphy shirt, and my favorite dragon necklaces!"

Yeah. Notice I said necklaces PLURAL. I guess you can't have just ONE dragon necklace - especially when they are both so COOL. My lack of hair style is interesting as well, although this is a true depiction of what I wore almost everyday for 4 years. A band t-shirt, and lots of jewelry. For some reason the only tight fitting clothing i thought my 100 lbs body could fit into during those years, were black floor length dresses that made me look like some satanic Amish person. Which is demonstrated by the next photo - from the neck up.

Second: My Senior yearbook photo

Now, can I just say, that even in high school, i was mortified (no pun intended for the Mistress of Death) at this photo. I took 4 photos in the studio for this shot. they mailed you the proofs a month or so later, you chose which one was your favorite, sent it back and VOILA! Senior photo!!!
I don't know what happened with this one. This was the worst one of the bunch, the one i hated most, and the ONLY one in which i wasn't smiling! And then what happens? All but two other people got a head shot! Everyone else got their chest up, showing their pretty dresses, or nice suit and ties. BUT NO. Not me. My mom said I looked like some weird pissed off Native American - wondering where all my land went! Yeah! I wonder where my fucking picture went!!!! No WONDER I was pissed off! As Josh scanned this photo, he speculated that someone putting the yearbook together must not have liked me very much. I think it was that Nikki girl - whom I saw at Amber's party in 2001 - telling me she was hanging out with my ex-boyfriend from when i was 16 - like I was missing out on something. So this photo makes me laugh. But none more than what i REALLY did all through high school, like the one below.

Third: My Senior yearbook Quote Photo

This is my favorite. Can you tell what kind of a student i was? Especially when you get stopped while roaming the halls during the next to last class? Say it class? So you are just minding your own business wandering the halls during shop class. You're thinking, "Man, I really need a soda right now, but the machines are all turned off" (for that reason explicitly). "My mouth sure feels like cotton right about now"
when all of a sudden, some girl from the journalism class stops you to ask your opinion about something. You blurt out something totally incoherent, ask for 50 cents, and move right along. The next thing you know, your friends are rushing up to you and laughing at what an awesome picture you took and some bogus answer to a poll you gave in your brand spankin' new yearbook. Of all the dumb shit i did in high school, this is my proudest achievement. I can look back at 1996 and in front of all my peers, mentors, and family stand up and say: I was high the ENTIRE time, and it STILL hasn't gone on my permanent record!


Amber said...

I love them all, but that last one was over the top. And truly depictive of you...
I don't remember this Nikki person though. I was probably drunk, I would venture to guess.
I have many other pictures of you from around that time. What amazes me about all of these is that none of them have your trademark faces in them, the open-mouthed "oh" face, or the open-mouthed smile with finger pointing face...I'm sure you made those faces back then, if you want I can find a few of those pictures and send them to Parkville...

S E E Quine said...


` I've just been trying to say how good you look in those photos, that's all! (And do you remember the poll question, or were you too stoned? Haa!)
` Also, I think you look really good in black and white! Actually, I think it makes most people look better, though. I wonder why portraits aren't usually black and white today?
` Hmmm.

` Well.... hey, that reminds me, I took some B&Ws of Lou Ryan and they're on a crappy PhotoCD! Someday soon, the attack plants on my blog will have someone to subdue them!

S E E Quine said...

` (YAY! It worked this time!!!)

Paul said...

Where are your pictures with your veil. Those would be the best. B-E-S-T!

This and That said...

My vote is for the last one. What I want to know is how all yearbook pics, no matter what the year..look like they came from the 50-70's era. The last is just more true to what HIGH school is all I like that the best!

This and That said...

the middle one looks like you are one pissed off wiccan! when is this reunion. Please take pics!

Aaron said...

Cas, that middle one looks evil. I prefer the first one.

Let me know if you plan to go. I'm getting pressure from all sides to go. I still haven't decided.

2 Dollar Productions said...

The last one seems like the winner and that quote should go right underneath it.

It was a tough choice, however, as 2 dragon necklaces are always better than 1 and that alone gave the last one a strong run for its money.