Thursday, January 26, 2012

Kyoto, Japan 2012!

Tommy Lee Jones - The Boss by locomocos
Tommy Lee Jones - The Boss, a photo by locomocos on Flickr.

Take a look at our Japan photos! There are a lot, so if you just click on the set, (japan 2012) you can pick the thumbnails you want to see!

We had a great time! We first stopped at Kyomizu-dera where we saw a wonderful shrine and cemetary.
Then we were off to Nanzen-ji where we jumped in front of the big wooden gate!
One of the most impressive places was the Fushimi Inari Tisha gate in Nara. It had 1000 redish gates and was really cool! We finished up our trip going to the Golden Temple and a few more zen gardens.
We ate sushi, miso, donburi, and tempura!
What a wonderful trip for just 2 days!

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