Sunday, February 05, 2012

Eating raw octopus with fresh wasabi:

Walking through a cemetery toward Kyomizu-dera:

At Kyomizu-dera:

After a quick bus ride, we went to Nanzen-ji:

Monk's living quarters and zen rock garden at Nanzen-ji:

Octopus on a stick at the Nishiki market:

Austin being sucked into a black hole at the Fushimi Inari Shinto Shrine:

The shrine is famous for its' 10,000 red gates. They're dedicated to the god of rice and business, Inari.

At Kinkaku-ji, the world famous golden temple:

Prayer and wish cards:

Eating rail-road style sushi. About $1.30 a plate and free green tea.

Pour your own beer machine at the sushi restaurant.

Eel over odong noodles:

More photos are at the link in the next post if anyone is interested.

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sneakypie9 said...

You are such an adventurous eater Anthony! Raw octopus! The eel looked yummy!