Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ice Fishing in Hwachon

Cassie's Fish by locomocos
Cassie's Fish, a photo by locomocos on Flickr.

So we went ice fishing last weekend. It was pretty fun and I caught a fish! Who knew I have mad fishin skillz?.....

The festival was huge- over 10,000 people. We went with Adventure Korea and got some rock star treatment. We got our own private foreigner fishing area, and lots of cameramen. We were on the evening news, but I didn't see my multiple interviews.... probably because they were intimidated by the skillz.

It was fairly easy to catch the fish that they kept stocking in the water. But what was better than catching them, was eating them! Fresh fish on the grill with a little salt! Yum!

Anthony did some bare hand fishing. It was really cold in the northern part of S. Korea, and everyone had multiple layers of clothes on. So they made all the volunteers put on some tshirts and shorts, and walk on some icy, snowy path around a small pool of freezing water. Every one jumped in and tried to catch a fish with their bare hands. A few people succeeded. I kept my clothes on and took some pictures. Anthony said it was one of the most painful things he's ever done. He didn't catch a fish, but he was on the news! We did it with our tour group, but lots of people were PAYING MONEY to do this! Whaa????

There was sledding, ice skating, ice sports (hockey/soccer), snowmobiles, mazes and tons of people. We had fun and the next day went to look at some ice sculptures. It was a fun weekend. This weekend we are taking it easy, but next weekend is Chinese New Years. We are off to Kyoto, Japan for a couple days! We are super excited!

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