Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Yangpyeong Market

Yangpyeong is famous for it's outdoor markets. We lucked out and came to town while it was going on. Here are a few shots.

The fishmonger.

A stall selling bibimbap. It's a bowl of rice topped with egg and mixed veggies and spicy pepper paste.

Is that a carp?

These are our wonderful hosts from the Opirus pension. I bought some jalapenos (front right) and they make the lady give me an extra handful of peppers. A steal at 2,000W (less that $2).

Dried fish waiting for the chopping block.

The baby in the stroller was having a staring contest with the baby hanging on the string.

Dried shrimp, grains and rice noodles.

The bean sprout guy was really popular.

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