Monday, August 08, 2011

Popeyes Chicken in Maseok, South Korea

We went to Maseok for a friend's birthday party, and was pleasantly surprised by there being a Popeye's Louisiana Kitchen in the Lotte Mart. Now, I know that Korea is not lacking in fried chicken joints, and this ain't no Go Chicken Go, but I really wanted to much on some southern style chicken! Plus the they have the sides of biscuits and red beans and rice?

As I waited, if not a little giddy with antici.....pation, for my order, I looked at the menu and YES, they did have delicious biscuits, but NO red beans and rice. No matter. I ordered a small order of delicious chicken nuggets and seasoned french fries, which are hard to come by in Korea.

My order was called, I jumped up out of my seat and bounded to the counter to collect my hot tray of Louisiana fried goodness. And LO!
They drenched my nuggets in a sweet yet WAY too spicy hot sauce!!!!!
M'BAERE??????? NOOOOO!!!!!!

I was really sad.
I tried to wipe off the sauce with a napkin, but to no avail. In the end, Anthony had to help me out by eating all the parts of the nuggets contaminated by the hot sauce. This is what he gave me to eat.

The hot sauce somehow soaked into the chicken, so even the delicious white meat was contaminated by spicy sweet sticky sauce. Next time, I will say "Ani (no) Saw-suh (sauce)".

On a side note, we did see some interesting flip flops in the market. Balloon shoes are very popular here. This is taking it to a whole new level. Is this in the States? Scary....

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