Sunday, April 10, 2011

I went to the baseball game last night (April 10th). The Doosan Bears were playing the KIA Tigers.

On the way in, ladies have beer/soju/snack carts set up. Beers are about $3. They could learn how to price gouge from the US.

A nice selection of Korean delicacies. The squid is dried then toasted on an open flame. On the right you can see some kimbap. It is rice, pickled radish, ham, tuna, cucumber and carrot wrapped in seaweed.

I had $8 outfield tickets, but weaseled my way up to the good seats. The managers were making some questionable decisions, in my opinion. In the third, after the Tigers knocked in 3 runs on five straight hits, there was no action in the pen. The Tigers third base coach was very conservative, especially since the players are quick on their feet and have relatively weak throwing arms from the outfield. They didn't pull the Doosan starter until after the 3rd, when he gave up 5 runs on 6 hits.

In any event, here are the Doosan Bears cheerleaders. As the evening went on they seemed to be wearing less and less clothing...

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