Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Apartment Pics


"Whew. I almost lost it, there"

View from our apartment

Fancy Toilet. Please note the butt and flying woman...

Spare Bedroom #1 (we have Spare Bedroom #2, but it is currently our closet. Same size)

Front Door and shoe rack (No wearing shoes in the house!)

Fancy Toilet

Kitchen with sliding doors open to the utility room and kimchee station

Kimchee Kitchen (the 2 drawers are fridge #2 and 3)

View to left of Kimchee kitchen, to the washer. Look at all the trash from our old roomies we cleaned up! We have to wait till Wednesday to take it out.

Breezeway area next to master bedroom. Clothes drying and storage are perks!

Master Bedroom. The fancy toilet in the 1/2 bath is to the right.

Me on the kitchen telly

Main Bathroom

Anthony chillin' in the Living room. There is a mountain out through that window, which we will climb once the weather permits!

Our school director/landlord is coming over today. It is a holiday, and we are taking the opportunity to have him do a walk through of the apartment. A few minor problems, but nothing we can't do without for a while!
Our new school session starts tomorrow. I'm very nervous. Everyone wish me luck. I have 1 class of 14 middle schoolers - who think they are too cool to be in English class. Ugh. I have to keep a straight face and lay down the law in the first class - other wise they will walk all over me!


Blackpetunia said...

This place looks awesome, so much bigger than I thought it would be! Keep updating, this is great!

Dad said...

You put on your red cowgirl boots.
You go to class.
You play this video.
No problems for the rest of the semester.

locomocos said...

i'll put on the boots....and i'll walk....but i have to wear pants.

I don't think I can get away with only wearing a sweater and panty hose.

locomocos said...

Petunia! You should start blogging about the book store! put up pictures! tell me about your chickens! plan a trip to stay in Spare Bedroom #1 all of the above!

also, I've started doing yoga again. but i need to increase my level. I need your yogi wisdom and advice. any good vinyasas? Is that the word for routine?

Kristin said...

Cool apartment! Those couches look like 2001 space odyssey! That shower looks pretty advanced too! And the toilet! You are living in the future!! Is that kid eating a pile of french fries for lunch?

Anonymous said...

Lilu! I'm so impressed with your new digs. Way fancier than your (our) Peace Corps digs. Man - you are living the high life now. Hope you didn't get eaten alive your first day :) - Kati

katcollins said...

The apartment is much more spacious and modern than I thought it would be, have you learned any Korean yet?