Tuesday, February 22, 2011

First Impressions



House shoes


Dunkin Donuts


I have been in Korea for about 30 hours. I have found the 7-11, Dunkin Donuts, and Pizza Hut.
I'm feeling a big jet lagged, but not enough to shop at the giang E-Mart for Activia yogurt and Special K cereal.
And a slice of Supreme Pizza.

We got into Incheon Airport and were picked up by a driver. We were immediately taken to our school, where they were just finishing up for the day. At 8:30 pm. We were dirty, smelly, and after the 14 hour flight - pretty out of it.
But all I can say is WOW.

This ain't no Paraguay.
Which is all I have to compare it to.
The school is small and private. Kids go there AFTER public school and stay till 9pm! Korean kids usually have more school after their full day a public school in the forms of English school, Tae Kwon Do, music, or math school. Being a kid here doesn't sound very fun - but they are so dedicated! I am blown away at the English skills of some of these little little kids! I can tell them jokes! It took me 1.5 years to fully understand most jokes in Guarani!

We spent all day Tuesday shadowing a fellow Native teacher, and it was pretty long - or maybe it was just the jet lag. We get paid per class - so our days are pretty full up with at least 7 - 40 min classes. They diverse in skill level and age. I was pretty spent after 9 hours.
We do, however get lunch provided by a cook, so I will be able to taste all of her delicious Korean meals. We had bulgogi, which is rice with beef, kimchi, and creamed corn. There were also bean sprouts in a vinegar sauce. Our classes are typically 1-9pm, so we can eat right when we get into school.

After work, we went to E-Mart, which is like a smaller version of Wal-Mart. We bought a few food items and tried to look for a coffee pot. We will most likely travel into Seoul this weekend to look for one at Costco. Most people here drink instant coffee - but I didn't see any Nescafe! Haha! We also bought house slippers, as we are required to take our shoes off at the school. Mine are none too pretty - but at least comfy. I also bought some eyelid tape. It's to make the 'double eyelid' that westerners have. I'm tryin 'em out this weekend. Gonna get CRAY-ZAY!

We are currently in flux, as the teachers here before us are still in our apartment. They will be leaving this weekend, so until then, Anthony and I are sleeping in a twin size bed in a smaller bedroom. The apartment is so much bigger than we thought. I'm very excited and we have wi-fi. We will take photos after this weekend when our roomies leave. One teacher is going back to Canada, and the other got a position at a school in Seoul proper.
We are in a province Called Namyangju in a town called Pyongnedong (i think...i think i'm spelling it wrong). It's pretty lax here, and there seem to be buses that take you into neighboring areas that have more shops. But really, everything is in walking distance. It's about 10 min to school, and 20 to E-Mart and Pizza Hut. There is a movie theater, gym, subway and tons of eateries. It's like a little San Lorenzo (for those PC volunteers).

I will write a little more later, as I will now attempt to make some instant coffee. I certainly need it to keep up with little kids all day. I'm really excited to start teaching on my own on Monday. But first, I gotta get through day 2!


Megan said...

Cassie, I'm sitting in a serious class on food security and trying really hard not to laugh out loud at your hilarious blogging! Gotta love it. Glad to hear you're having a fabulous time IN STYLE!

locomocos said...

Thanks lady! i posted your blog address on my side bar, so i can keep up with you!
can't wait to hear more from you at UC Davis!