Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Final Countdown

We are leaving on February 20.
I have over 100lbs of junk I want to take.
Must I repack?


I'm having problems downsizing. I keep thinking of how badly I packed for Paraguay, and don't want to leave anything out. But the difference is that instead of taking 6 weeks to get mail, it only takes 6 days to South Korea. I had no idea checking 2 bags would be so difficult.

So maybe I shouldn't be too concerned with not packing everything I want. And really, all the items I want to take with me, should MAYBE be available in Korea. I mean, they ARE the leading country in recycling and hybrid automobiles.
I've been looking online, and it looks like everyone says to bring deodorant and tampons.
Bring 'American Size' clothing, if applicable.
Bring 4 seasons worth of clothing.
Some other blogs suggested a few things, but I think I am pretty lucky going from a 2 year job in an underdeveloped countryside - to a possible 2 year job in a completely developed city. I mean, they have subways! In English! I wonder if when traveling by bus, everyone will get a seat....

Big things I will bring, that I wish I had had in Paraguay:
Family Photos -
Nobody loves it more than to see photos of you and your family. It makes things more personal and allows people to identify with you. Plus it's a great conversation starter
American Games -
I will be teaching kids, so I want to bring a few games in English that I think they'll enjoy in the classroom. I know I can get a lot of this online, but I'm thinking some small stuff, like Bananagrams and possibly flashcards (cheapies from$1 spot). Kids love visuals.
Spices by mail-
Lots of people are saying to bring spices - and at first I blew this off. Until I remembered when my mom sent me Laury's Seasoned Salt in PY. I may have her do this again, cause I used it in everything. Taco seasoning was a treat in PY, as well as Chili powder. I will ask my mom to mail me seeds of the more basics like basil, thyme and oregano.
Movies -
I almost died in Paraguay from lack of mind numbing activities. I never read so many books in my life, but after Moby Dick - GEEZ! I just wanted some good ole Frat Pack. But I tell ya, night after night of Derek Zoolander makes Cassie not so Haaaaaapppppppy! My mom even sent down some much needed Star Trek, and even Data stared to get on my nerves. So we purchased an external hard drive, and got Kristin's dad and Anthony's cousin to upload us tons of movies and old TV shows. I think I'm in good shape. I can't wait to watch Bonanza....
Music -
We have been visiting a little place most people don't know about. It's called The Library. We have been downloading music like crazy. CRAZY. I had no idea they had so much music for FREE. I'm pretty excited just to add all this onto my ipod. This will entertain me for hours as I embroider all the friggin towels I bought for the trip.

This was a good site I found that I used for their packing list. Amazingly, there seem to be more lists for South Korea than for Paraguay. Go figure!


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