Tuesday, March 29, 2005

deviled cassie


Chocolate candy.
Cadbury Eggs.
Bunny rabbits.
Baby Chicks.
Bunny rabbits who think they are baby chicks.

And most important:
Deviled Eggs.

Could there be a more perfect potluck snack? (other than greenbean caserole, which is a side item, or consequently a main course - if it so inclines you...)

I think not. Every year, as you gather around the family potluck, looking at all the wonderful foods everyone has brought. Ahhh.....
Spiral Ham!
7 Layer Salad!
Potato salad.
Pasta Salad.
Jello Upsidedown thing with nuts in it.
Dinner Rolls!
Potato Chips!
Bean dip.
Cole Slaw.
Greenbean Caserole (with french cut green beans).
Okay. i love greenbean caserole, but french cut green beans? Give me a break!!! WHO likes those? i mean, you can barely pick them up on your fork, cause they've been sliced so thin! Plus who likes the French anyway?
initial blech - then mmmmmmm!!!!
coconut bunny cake.
and finally,
Deviled Eggs!

can you think of anything more glorious to top your plate off with than a deviled egg?
The only thing i have a problem with, is that the person making the deviled eggs, only make enough to fit in that special deviled egg tray. Why? Everyone loves them. they want more than one. Do you have exactly 12 people in your family? And if so, why not make an entire dozen of deviled eggs, instead of just 6! You can always reload the tray! Cause you KNOW there is ALWAYS Uncle Terry who will take more than he is alotted. He will take 3 instead of 1 or even a daring 2. That doesn't even count the egg he eats while he's in LINE at the table! Like it doesn't count if you're in line, and it hasn't touched your plate!

Oooooooo!!! You can almost imagine the vein popping out of my head when i think of him stuffing that 4th egg in his mouth, while talking of course!!!

What worse, is when your cousin Sarah (who grandma actually BOUGHT the deviled egg plate for her for Christmas) will actually NOT make deviled eggs that year because she "didn't feel like it"!!!
Listen floosy! You got the tray! It's your FAMILY DUTY to make those suckers! And if you decide NOT to make them, you better send out an emergeny correspondence to let us know, so someone else can take over before it's too late, and you show up at Easter WITHOUT deviled eggs!!!!!

What is with these people?
No Deviled Eggs?
And Greenbean Caserole with French Cut Green Beans??

What family did i grow up with? Is the whole world going MAD??

Hemingway, i didn't do anything for Easter. i made myself pancakes and ate chinese food for dinner.
I guess i will just have to bite the bullet make deviled eggs - FOR MYSELF.

And this time, i'm making a whole dozen!!!

Monday, March 21, 2005

Ms. Drinks-A lot and Ms. Drunk Dials-A lot

This weekend was my friend Rhiannon's birthday. Saturday was the big night of debauchery. unfortunatley, i was unable to attend the whole evening - so i wasn't around to see it. What i WAS around to see was the pre debauchery on Friday.

I was at the local watering hole (which by the way half my paycheck is directly deposited to this place) for 1 beer.

1 beer folks.

have you ever heard of Cassie drinking 1 lone beer? I just couldn't do that to the beer! It would get so lonely....

Hemingway, I am there with Paul, when we run into this guy we got wasted with a couple weekends ago. We couldn't remember his name, and he didn't know ours... so we'll just refer to him as M2 - as in mechanic #2 (there is already a guy whom we refer to only as the mechanic, so M2 seems appropriate). So we ended up getting LOADED with this dude and his quiet lady. Rhiannon pops in for the weekend, in which case i think - I THINK - we did shots (who knows).

Blah blah blah, we all know drunk stories. Needless to say we closed down the bar. Now, Paul being the respectable person in the group went home to pass out on his couch. Rhi and I decided to take his bottle of the Captain, and see if we could wake up with red mustaches drawn on our faces. it seemed to work.

The best part about this whole evening, was that the next night at Rhi's birthday dinner at Little India, Paul told us he recieved our phone message.

Huh? What phone message?

I guess while watching Kill Bill we decided to call Paul and sing him songs from the end credits.


Happy Birthday! We're twenty fucking seven years old!

At least we've given up throwing things off the balcony to see their breaking patterns. That was SO immature and SO last summer.

i think you are also asking yourselves, "Cassie ate at a restaurant called Little India?"

You would be correct to assume how strange that I, yes I, would eat at a spicey ethnic restaurant. But i actually like MILD indian food. Unfortunatley, that Saturday i think the chef was a little TOO generous with the MILD. It tasted like Hell's Spawn. i burned my fucking mouth off.


Tuesday, March 15, 2005

DCD = me me me!

Who's going to Dead Can Dance? ME ME ME!!!


i'm so excited! I am going to Seattle to see one of the most wonderful bands EVA! i don't even mind that there will be undesireables going as well! i'm as happy as a lark! I will be there with my bestest friend in the whole wide world seeing a band i have adored for the last 13 years!

So. The next question is:
Undesireables? Can Cassie actually have undesireables in her life?

The answer to this: - (and this is my blog so i can write whatever i want - especially since no one reads this anyway)
We will call the Undesireables Schmelfie and Quelfie. Yes. i do not like Schmelfie and Quelfie.

Yet they seem to pop up all over the place. But la, what can you do? Only hope i can hold my tounge - for the world is full of undesireables, and you just have to get used to it. Let's just hope i can do it during the DCD weekend. Actually Quelfie is okay, but when the twins are together, i suddenly get nauseated. i won't go into why Schmelfie is so bad. I think it's because i see that Schmelfie has no compassion for anyone BUT Schmelfie. Evil Evil Schmelfie. How can a person walk the earth with so little reguard for others? And how can such an enlightened soul like Quelfie not see this in Schmelfie? Can you not disown a person? i think you can!

But alas - we all have undesireable qualities.

except me.

Just Kidding.

Not really!

HAHA!!..............yes i am.

Let's see, undesireable qualities i attain:

I'm ridiculously funny.
I am uber smart
............when it comes to beer
i have big boobs (trust me, they are a pain in the ass)
I SOMETIMES have problems admitting wrong*
I am a big procrastinator http://www.despair.com/proc24x30pri.html
I love Weird Al Yankovic
I believe that all of life's problems have been addressed and sovled in an episode of the Simpsons
I am jealous of my friend Annie Goulahie
I desire to someday rule the world, and rub it in the faces of all who ridiculed me**
I do not use nor do i believe in any products sold in "Organic" supermarkets
I like Long John Silvers

* - i will always admit i'm wrong, but you have to shove the proof in my face for me to actually do it
** - this is a very common flaw in many humans, but i actually mean it vehemently

So you see! I, YES I, have undesireable qualities as well!
Well, that about sums it up!
I'm really excited to go to Dead Can Dance!

Monday, March 07, 2005

i heart bruce campbell

well, i haven't written about my love for Bruce Campbell as of yet, so i thought i would do so. I want to marry this man.

i watched Evil Dead this weekend, and well,

Of course, he isn't that "pretty young thing" anymore, but a handsome debonair lovefest. Maybe he should be a HDL.

Everyone should love Bruce.
And his writing! My goodness, he just JUMPS off the computer screen with his humorous rhetoric!

I really need to figure out how to post pictures. Maybe i will re-read the directions again, with a computer-literate buddy online with me.

i bet my blog would be much cooler with photos. i mean, i could post a picture of my sweetheart, Bruce Campbell, and a picture of me next to him in a wedding dress. Isn't that i great image? Can you imagine it? No?

Well FUCK!! I guess i will have to figure out how to post pictures.
All you other people with picture-posting ability can either

a. kiss my big white mushy butt
b. email me and tell me how to do it
c. do nothing, and never visit my blog again

C is probably the most likely option, seeing as how no one reads this blog anyway. i am talking to myself, which is fine. i can only sit and get mad at myself for not taking the time to learn how to post photos.

But i really do want to marry Bruce Campbell.