Friday, December 02, 2005

Long Strange Trip

Well, i finally realized why i look so weird i so many of my pictures. I have come to the conclusion that i need glasses.

I know!!! ME???? GLASSES????

Why would i want to hide my cute face?

Heavy Sigh.

Everyone in my family wears glasses except me. I thought i was unique because if this. I thought of all the crappy traits i have received from BOTH sides of the family, this ONE thing i lacked was a bonus. A plus. A reason to celebrate!

But lo -

I am cursed just like the rest of my family.

No flying fighter jets for me.

My days of swimming in a pool, and being able to see at the same time are over.

No more wearing whichever sunglasses I want.

Guess i'll kiss taking photos without glare in them goodbye.


I will have to get used to wearing my glasses instead of those stylish protective eye gogles when i'm doing chemistry experiments.

I'll have to get used to being able to read streetsigns at a long distance.

I will have to learn enhance my reflexes after someone pulls a 3 Stooges on me and tries to poke me in the eyes. I will now learn to grab their nose and slap it off instead of cringing in pain since my glasses protected the initial onslaught.......

Whew. I got a long road ahead of me......


S E E Quine said...

` Tough break! That sucks! Man, if anything you can get eyeball surgery. Or contacts!

` Hm. If it was me, I'd construct myself some badass 'Cassie Nova' supervillain goggles and look like a total dork!

Amber said...

There's nothing wrong with glasses, four eyes. Some people even think they're sexy!(nerds)

S E E Quine said...

` Oh yes, glasses can be very sexy. But it's a real bitch when you lose them. That's what sucks the most.

` Badass goggles, on the other hand, are far more difficult to misplace. Especially if you never take them off.

Aaron said...

Good one Amber. People who wear glasses are dorks.